The screening of the film “Okja” Korean Director Pont Chung Ho and Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal in the framework of the Cannes festival was cancelled after the audience booed and made fun of the tape.

The scandal emerged long before the premiere, recalls the BBC Russian service. Netflix, which made the film, refused to show it in the French cinemas to the detriment of their own online cinema. This is contrary to the principle of selection of paintings to participate in the festival. After high-profile trials, it was decided to allow “Occu” to participate this year, but next year to tighten the rules of selection.

During the premiere the audience began to whistle immediately when the screen appeared the logo of Netflix. And when it became clear that the film will be shown with wrong ratio of height and width of the picture, there was laughter. Stream was stopped and 10 minutes later resumed without any explanation.

“For the past ten years a large beast Occa was best friends with the girl Mi-ja. They lived peacefully in the South Korean mountains and cared about each other. But one terrible day idyllic life was interrupted friends – representatives of the international conglomerate “of Mirando Corporation” stole Occu and brought to new York. From General bitchy headmistress Lucy Mirando their own, not the most humane, plans for the unusual beast. Of course, a brave girl does not abandon a friend in trouble, and Mi-ja is sent to save Accu, but the world is much crazier than she could have imagined,” reads the announcement to the picture.

In Cannes booed the film with Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal 19.05.2017

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