The Chairman of the Duma Committee for CIS, Eurasian integration and compatriots ‘ Affairs Victor Vodolatsky said that he knows one of the members posted the “Islamic state”* video, which featured two allegedly captured by terrorists in Syria the Russians. In addition, the chief of staff of the regional Cossack organization Aksajskogo Yurt Ivan Vasilenko identified the same man his friend.

We are talking about the man who was presented in the video IG* Roman Zabolotnyi from the Rostov region. Vodolatsky told that this man is a member of the Cossack movement. “I know him well, he is from Aksay, was in a team, actively participated in the Cossack movement”, – said the MP , RIA “Novosti”.

Member, “instructed the chief of staff of the Union of Cossacks – soldiers of Russia and foreign countries (which leads Vodolatsky. – Approx. to understand the information received, whether it is true, and to locate the Cossack Roman Zabolotnogo”. According to the parliamentarian, currently, the city is not responsible for any of their rooms or in instant messenger.

Meanwhile, the chief of staff of the regional Cossack organization Aksajskogo Yurt Ivan Vasilenko reported to RBCthat a person from a published IG* roller similar to his familiar Roman Zabolotniy (the Agency specified a different version of the name – Zabolotniy. – Approx. “Really similar, but we spoke two years ago”, – said the interlocutor of the edition, having examined the terrorists posted a video.

In addition, Vasilenkov identified Novel Zabolotniy on pictures posted on the social network “Vkontakte” in February 2014 on the user page of the Novel Zabolotniy. In this picture two men in Cossack uniforms. Roman Zabolotniy (left) on the sleeve sign with “Vsevelikogo don army”; on the sleeve of Ivan Vasilenkova (right) – “Russia. Cossack troops”.

We also found out that Zabolotny is a part of Moscow regional branch of all-Russian public organization of veterans “Combat brotherhood”. About RBC said the representative of Domodedovo branch of the organization.

According to him, the video showed people “like” Zabolotniy. “I’ve seen this video, but not sure it’s really the person I know under this name. I would not assert with absolute certainty that it is a member of our organization, but, of course, similar,” – said the interlocutor of RBC.

As noted by the representative of the organization of a possible visit Zabolotniy to Syria, he learned “just now”. “When we met in may, he announced that he was going to go to Syria. We didn’t send anyone”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Previously, the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation disproved information that the Russian military could get captured by terrorists in Syria. “No incidents involving the capture or loss of members of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation in the province of Deir ez-Zor and in other parts of Syria, was not” – said in an official statement.

The day 3 October it became known that on the website associated with the IG of the Agency Amaq there was a video where two men talk in Russian about how he was captured by the militants. In the video one of the men with a southern Russian accent says his name is Zabolotny Roman Vasilyevich, he born in 1979, native of the village of Dawn of Salsky district of Rostov region. He says he was captured during the offensive of ISIS*.

Being with him in the frame a man with a black eye Zabolotny calls the native Domodedovsky area of Moscow suburbs Surganova Grigory Mikhailovich, born in 1978. Party video did not specify whether he and his alleged fellow military personnel.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

In “captive citizen” of the roller IG* identified the member of the Cossack movement 04.10.2017

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