In Catalonia the situation of confrontation with the police, arrived from the neighbouring region of Spain held a referendum on secession autonomy. About 13:00 Moscow time the Department of health in the region has led the first official information on casualties in clashes with the police injured about 40 people. Most injuries are light. Local authorities criticized the police for the use of force: witnesses reported that wanting to vote in Barcelona and fired rubber bullets into the crowd and threw stun grenades.

The police confiscated around Catalonia materials relevant to the referendum on independence, which Madrid considers it illegal. Law enforcement agencies also close down polling stations. The main gesture that protesters meet police officers – show of hands, indicating that they had no weapons. Some clench hands in a fist.

According to the Department of health of Catalonia, in the first half of the day the assistance was provided to 38 victims of the clashes. Among them, three persons got serious wounds, transfers Reuters.

The President of the Generalitat (the Executive government of Catalonia) Carles Pujdeme confirmed the police use of force. He stressed that batons and rubber bullets police used indiscriminately. Putteman, who managed to vote shouts of “President, President”, called the violence unjustified law enforcement: “It is… irrational and
irresponsible on the part of the Spanish state and will not put a limit
the will of the Catalan people.” (Quoted by “Interfax”.)

In the area where the vote was the head of Catalonia Carles Putteman, police seized ballot boxes, smashing doors with sledgehammers. He voted elsewhere. On the eve of the referendum, the authorities announced that everyone will be able to cast a vote on any of the open plots. Media reported that the ballot papers can be obtained and directly into the streets.

Because of the inaction of local counterparts in Catalonia dispatched police officers from other regions of Spain. The guards have to close schools and remove all that is connected with the plebiscite in the first place – the ballots and ballot boxes.

So the police function within the plots:

Sorry but this looks like fascism. #CatalanReferendum

In Catalonia dozens injured due to the police response to the referendum 01.10.2017

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