In the African city Chad police dispersed a protest held in the capital city n’djamena. There, thousands of people took to the streets, demanding to punish the accomplices in the rape of the girl. And in this crime are suspected relatives of high-ranking officials-law enforcers, writes P. M. News.

To disperse the protesters who marched from the house of the victim to the courthouse, police used tear gas. Also the guards opened fire, using rubber bullets. In this case the fatal wound was a teenager Abaco Hassan Osman, who tried to hide from police in the school building, reports The International Business Times.

However, the police deny the fact of firing and killing of a schoolboy.

The public outcry that led to the protests, called the rape of 18-year-old College student by the name of Zuhura Mahamat Brahim Ali. The girl was stolen on 8 February, when out of educational institution HEC Tchad College. The attackers threatened her with a gun.

The kidnappers drove the hostage to a house where he beat and stripped her. Then the criminals took naked girl on camera, threatening to circulate these pictures of an intimate nature on the website Facebook. In the future, they really have released images of the victim in social networks, WhatsApp and Viber.

According to preliminary data, the rape involved Mahamat / zone baradin, Salahdin Musa Faqih, Abdraman Jung, Mahamat Bichara and a Hassan. Salahdin is the son of the foreign Minister, and three other partners are sons of members of the army generals. Zuhura were able to identify some of their torturers, but two of them were hiding their faces behind masks.

In the online networks Twitter and Facebook, a campaign was initiated in support of the girls. Users uploaded in a Network pictures, holding sheets of paper together with a demand to investigate the crime. To disseminate this information was used hashtags #jesuiszouhoura and #justicepourzouhoura.

Judging by the initial actions of the authorities, officials are more concerned the issue of minimizing the social repercussions, and not punish those who rape. Suguru forced to appear on television with an appeal to citizens not to protest. However, then the girl has circulated the Internet another video, in which he urged compatriots to support it and to secure the arrest of the rapists.

Currently, the Chadian police have arrested the alleged rapists-the”majors” and four others.

In an interview with France 24 , the victim said the rapists threatened her of repeated abuse if she told anyone about the incident. However, the girl returned home and reported the rape to her parents.

The grandmother and sister of the injured girl deny that Zuhura was raped. “She remains a virgin,” says sister of the victim.

However, the relative believes that Zuhura survived something even worse than rape, says Le Monde. “Now photos of her Nude spread on the Internet, – said sister Zuhura. We live in a country where there is no justice. But we want these barbarians were punished and they couldn’t hurt anyone else”.

In Chad, the rape of the student, which I suspect the General’s offspring, led to the rally and clashes with police 17.02.2016

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