In Chechnya, after a fatal accident involving a drunk driver, the fault which killed eight people, owners of shops selling alcoholic beverages ceased operations. 14 businessmen took the decision after a meeting with the head of the local Parliament, the head of the operational staff to reduce accidents on the roads Magomed Daudova, according to “Caucasus.Realities”.

After the tragedy on the highway “Kavkaz” all of the Republican owners of outlets that sell alcohol, was invited to meet with Daudova. After that, all businessmen refused to issued licenses.

According to journalists, the authorities of Chechnya has pledged to help entrepreneurs in the reshaping of the business. This was confirmed by the Director of the Department of Economics, trade and consumer market Magomed Minekonomrazvitija Mustafinov. This question, according to him, is under discussion.

Fatal accident in Chechnya caused a great resonance in the Republican and Federal mass media and among officials. The head of the local Parliament Magomed Daudov, in particular, has posted on his page in Instagram photo, in which drunk drivers the question is, what kind of car they prefer to drive: police, ambulance or straight to the morgue.

About the accident in the same social network also reported the head of the Republic. “I am informed by the head of the Republican headquarters for the prevention of accidents, the Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov, near black river post on the highway “Kavkaz” there was a major accident. According to preliminary data, the guilty driver of the car “Ford”. According to witnesses, he was drunk,” – wrote Kadyrov.

According to the Chechen leader, participants of the accident were three cars. In the result of a frontal collision of the Ford Focus cars and a VAZ-21014 and clashes with the “Priori” seven people were killed: the driver of the Ford, two girls aged 10 and 14 years of age and a girl and three men. Later died in hospital another man.

Kadyrov ordered Doudou to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident. The Chechen leader also expressed the opinion that drunk people behind the wheel poses to society the same threat, “as the most dangerous terrorist”. “Arrested for driving while intoxicated there will be no mercy,” – said the head of Chechnya.

The sale of alcohol is permitted only in Chechnya in the period from eight to ten o’clock in the morning in specialized wine stores. Until 2009, only in the city of Grozny there were about 60 stores for the sale of alcoholic beverages. After the introduction by the authorities of the ban on trade in alcohol, their number fell sharply, is reminiscent of the”Caucasian Knot”.

While Ramzan Kadyrov during a press conference on 18 December 2013, responding to a question about the ban on the alcohol trade in the country, said that “hears about it for the first time.” “Everything we do in Chechnya is not against the law. If I had my way, I would forbid to sell alcohol and even cigarettes, because it only brings harm. But since I live in a legal state, and our region – the subject of the Russian Federation, – we revere him and will protect”, – said Kadyrov.

In Chechnya, after a fatal accident with a drunk driver close all the liquor shops 30.11.2016

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