Higher qualification Collegium of judges of the Russian Federation announced the job opening for the position of Chairman of the Supreme court of the Chechen Republic. An appropriate message published on the official website vkks Russia. Last day of acceptance of documents from candidates – 14 Nov 2016.

On 7 October, the website “Kavkaz.Realities” wrotethat on the evening of October 6 was beaten by the acting President of the Supreme court of Chechnya to the new Murdalov. The initiator of the fight was allegedly the speaker of the Republican Parliament Magomed Daudov, who threatened Murdalova death.

Magomed Daudov, one of the closest associates of Ramzan Kadyrov, allegedly arrived at the courthouse accompanied by ten cars. Then the building was surrounded, and Daudov in the office Murdalova started beating acting President of the court, demanding that he write a letter of resignation for health reasons. He refused, saying that killing him is “not courage,” and Daudov left.

According to “Caucasus.Reality,” none of the doctors in Grozny did not agree to undergo a medical examination Murdalov:. The publication reported that through the power Daudov want to assign to the chair of the Supreme court of their own, and Murdalov: refusal to leave the office can prevent it.

The source of the “Novaya Gazeta” on 7 October said that while the beating was attended by the Chairman of the Gudermes court Alaudin Gandaloyev. Murdalov, as confirmed by the interlocutor of the edition, refused to write a statement and said Doudou that he is not afraid that he would be killed, and will not accept illegal demands.

Pro-government television station “Grozny TV” interviewed the participants of the meeting of judges and Daudova, and they all stated that no physical abuse was not.

Murdalov, according to the broadcaster, said: “If such a fact would take place, I immediately informed about it the Chairman of the Supreme court. And it’s not just me, but any judge of the Republic. All of this can be the provocation, or any other interests.”

Chairman of the qualification Board of judges of the Czech Republic Turkish Arsamerzaev present at the meeting with Daudova, said: “they had a purely business conversation. We discussed the main issues on which the proceedings of the region should focus. Special attention was paid to accidents. No forty-machines and Daudova and others were not. It’s all fiction”.

The new Murdalov became acting President of the Supreme court of Chechnya in may this year after the resignation of his predecessor, Magomed Karataev. In early may, at the meeting, which was attended by all judges of the Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov
criticized their work and asked the four judges, including Karatayev, to resign.

The human rights organization appreciated the ambiguous call for the head of the Czech Republic in respect of judges of the Republic, considering it pressure on the judicial system. The Chechen leadership rejected the accusations.

A day later Karataev said that to leave his post
not going. The judge said that “certain people are working to discredit the leadership of the Supreme court.” Also Karataev said that he already had a similar case six years ago, and then he managed to keep his post. Later, however, he still publicly stated that
out on their own.

In an interview with local TV channel “Grozny” Karataev recognized error
allowed Chechen judges have taken responsibility for them and
apologized to the head of the Republic and the people of the region.

In Chechnya announced a competition for the position of head of the Supreme court of the Republic of 14.10.2016

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