Chelyabinsk investigators are checking into the stabbing that occurred in the alcohol supermarket. According to preliminary data, the visitor attacked with a knife on the woman-the seller, and then committed suicide.

The victim 28-year-old woman taken to hospital in serious condition, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

The crime was committed at about 22:00 on 25 September in the alcoholic beverages store “Red and White” located in the house N6 on the street of Salavat Yulaev in the Kurchatov district of Chelyabinsk. “The man stabbed the seller, and then stabbed himself several times in the abdomen,” – noted in the investigative Department.

The victims were taken to the city hospital N3, where 26-year-old man died, writes “Urlpolicy”.

The scene seized a knife and tape. In the city police refused to comment on details of the incident, saying that investigation, the Investigative Committee reports

Earlier in the shop “Red and White”, situated in the Metallurgical district of Chelyabinsk, the girl-seller was hit with a bottle on the head. Before that, the two men refused to pay for expensive alcohol, and that was the cause of the conflict with the employee store.

In Chelyabinsk the alcoholic beverages store man stabbed the girl-the seller and slaughtered 27.09.2016

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