In Chelyabinsk 25-year-old local woman charged with the murder of 24-year-old boyfriend. According to investigators, the couple quarreled in the car. The girl twice hit the boy with a knife when he said that it was time to leave, writes “Chelyabinsk.Ru” with reference to the TFR.

“He and his friends were sitting in the hookah, came his girl, scandal, embarrassed swearing in front of his friends. They walked out to the car. There continued the conversation in the car was a set of BBQ. She grabbed a knife and stabbed in the chest, and then Paul wanted her to escape, but she stabbed him in the back. Friends went to look for Pasha, because for a long time could not find. Found in the car, he fell dead. She killed him because Pasha decided to break up with her, as there have not had normal relations”, – told reporters a friend of the victim.

This information was confirmed by the investigative bodies. It is reported that the tragedy took place the night of October 15, when a young man came out of the hookah and with the girl got into his car.

Realizing what happened, the girl called an ambulance and tried to have a boyfriend first aid, but to save him failed. After the arrest she fully admitted his guilt, saying that he had a shock on hearing about the termination of the relationship, since they met more than five years.

“The actions of the accused the investigation qualified as regards 1 article 105 of the criminal code (murder), because, when she struck the deceased a blow with a knife in the back, her life and health is not threatened, its intent was directed at the deprivation of his life. Due to the fact that the defendant characterized positively, has a permanent place of work in system of public catering, pleaded guilty, no previous convictions, the investigation was not grounds for application of the measure of restraint related to isolation from society. The girl is under a subscription about not departure”, – explained in the TFR.

Psychological-psychiatric examination now needs to be installed if the defendant was in the heat of passion. Meanwhile, on the page of the killed in the social network continue to receive requests “to die” against a girl.

In Chelyabinsk, the girl stabbed the guy when he told her about the breakup 20.10.2016

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