Police of Chelyabinsk have detained a man suspected in a brutal assault on client a Multifunctional center (MFC). Right at the entrance to the institution, the offender beat the victim with a baton-a Taser, but the injured man was not released from the hands of the bag with a large sum of money.

The attack was filmed on a car recorder, and the video published online. At the moment the suspect in the robbery have been detained. It appeared to be unemployed, a resident of Chelyabinsk born in 1993, who had previously been convicted. The detainee placed in a temporary detention facility, according to the official website of the regional Moi.

According to police, the crime was committed on October 24 at about 13:30 right at the entrance to the Multifunctional center, which is located in the house N164 on the Truda street in the Central district of Chelyabinsk.

It is established that the malefactor came to the MFC, and began to watch the people who performed the transaction. “After a while he noticed a man, who received from the client a large sum of money in the amount of 420,000 rubles and put them in a bag,” – said in a press release.

The man went behind the customer center on the street, waiting for the right moment, attacked him from behind. Using the baton, a stun gun, which was hidden under the jacket, the attacker stabbed the victim four blows to the head.


The victim, who was bleeding, fell on the pavement, and the robber continued the beating. However, the victim tenaciously held the bag with money. According to the published video, many passers-by did not immediately intervene. The woman, a pensioner, came closer to the scene of the beating and stopped in indecision.

But then a bystander with a running jump kicked the robber, and he hastened to retire with empty hands.

Injuries of the victim were serious enough. The man managed to get to his feet, but after 15 seconds he lost consciousness and fell on the pavement face down while continuing to hold the bag. Subsequently, the 43-year-old victim was sent to the hospital.

“The work on disclosure of crimes on the spot organized a responsible from the leadership of the police Department “Central” Deputy head of investigation Department Oleg Kuznetsov, – said in Moi. Are police officers in his assignments in the shortest terms has been questioned by the citizens, witnesses, viewed video surveillance, seized evidence”.

Hot on the heels had established the identity of the suspect and his whereabouts. Now to the man threatens till 10 years of imprisonment under part 2 of article 162 of the criminal code (“Robbery”). The police do not exclude that the detainee is involved in other similar crimes. In this regard, investigators looking for other possible victims.

In Chelyabinsk, the robber was brutally bludgeoned a customer, but was never able to take away his bag (VIDEO) 27.10.2016

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