A visitor to a zoo in Nanchang in East China’s lost his pants and self-confidence when he found himself alone in the enclosure with the giant Panda. The young man decided to impress two friends with whom he came to admire the animals, and climbed over the safety fence. Meeting the insolent and pandas named Mei-Ling was filmed by security cameras.

According to the record, which publishes the South China Morning Post, we are talking about a young man in his twenties. Troublemaker pandas climbed a four-foot fence and shallow ditch, and then began to molest the sleeping Mei Ling.

After a rowdy few times I poked his hand into the head of a sleeping animal, the Panda woke up and, apparently, decided to hold a trouble-maker. Sleepy Mei Ling managed to embrace the leg of an intruder. Within a few minutes the 120-pound Panda was trying to get the person, using wrestling techniques, and he tried to free himself and crawl away. Conceived a hug and failed – a young man broke away from the embrace and hastily retreated.

As noted by the media, aroused pants Panda hooligan has been thoroughly shredded by the teeth and claws of the animal, but he was not injured. The young man hurried to leave the zoo without turning to his staff for help. Subsequently, the cage was carefully inspected. On the ground battle without spilling a single drop of blood. Mei-Ling was in order.

Managers of the zoo say that the jerk was very lucky – seemingly cute and clumsy Panda can seriously injure the person. The giant Panda is carnivorous animals that prey on rabbits or rodents, to diversify its bamboo diet. In the hunt they help powerful teeth and sharp claws.

Jiangxi Television reports that after the incident, which took place late last week in the zoo of Nanchang strengthened preventive measures. The channel indicates the responsibility of the zoo authorities for the incident is the fence of the enclosure was legkoobratimy, and animals that are only in 2016, ceased to be under the threat of destruction, were not likely to be protected from pesky attention. It is worth reminding, in China, where pandas are considered an important part of the culture and are actively involved in diplomatic duties, for the murder of this animal is punished with the death penalty.

A man in east China jumped into a giant panda enclosure, reportedly to impress his female friends. The sleeping panda wasn’t impressed. pic.twitter.com/63VT44FdsP

In China, a visitor to the zoo wanted to fight with the Panda on it to impress the ladies, but was brutally smothered with caresses (VIDEO) 31.10.2016

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