On the morning of 15 November in China, was given the death sentence imposed on 29-year-old resident of Hebei province Jia Tszinlin. He was found guilty in the murder of party boss, writes The Guardian , citing Xinhua. The man avenged official for destroyed housing and personal happiness. As a murder weapon the attacker used a nail gun.

The Chinese authorities do not report how you implemented the penalty. Presumably, Tinlun made lethal injection. Before that, he was allowed visits from relatives, reports The Japan Times.

It is known that in 2013, the villager is An Jia decided to marry. Getting ready for the wedding, the man began to make repairs in the family house. Soon, however, the 55-year-old Secretary of the party Committee of the village of Khe Jianhua ordered to demolish the house of Jia. He refused to leave the home, after which his family members were beaten, writes NEWSru Israel.

Tinlun had left the house, which was destroyed by order of the official. After that, the bride went from the man who lost the family nest. In retaliation for the destruction of the house and personal tragedy Jia An and killed the Secretary. The crime was committed on 19 February 2015.

In November 2015, the court of Shijiazhuang city Jia sentenced to death. Protection of the defendant did not deny his involvement in the crime but was Tinlun as a victim of unfair and inefficient judicial system that often makes decisions not in favor of the poor.

Sentence Jia Tinlun sparked debate in the Chinese society. Many considered it too harsh. Critics have also suggested that the defendants and of the influential upper strata of society are much less likely to sentence to death than mere mortals. Was prepared the petition in defense of Tszinlin.

Note also that the active process of urbanization in China is often accompanied by violent and illegal eviction of peasants from their homes. This is facilitated by the collusion of developers with corrupt officials-Communists. In some cases, desperate people out of their homes into the street, committed suicide and burned themselves.

According to human rights activists, every year in China executed thousands of prisoners. But in recent years the number of executions gradually decreases, and the Supreme court sometimes mitigates the punishment. For example, last year the death sentence was replaced by a prison term of a woman who killed her husband’s beating. It is the decision of the Chinese Themis took on the background of public speeches in defense of women.

In China executed the farmer who killed the nail gun party Secretary, who destroyed his house 15.11.2016

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