In Central China’s Hubei province blew up a dam with a length of 3.7 kilometers. The elimination of structures that separated the two lakes, was required to lower the water level and avoid flooding. Experts believe that the destruction of the object will have a positive impact on reservoirs.

On the morning of Thursday, July 14, the people’s armed police of China has blown up a dam that separated lake Liangzi from lake Nishani in Hubei province, reports Xinhua. The building was destroyed to lower the water level rose to a record after heavy rains.

According to local authorities, for the elimination of the dam took about 27 tons of dynamite. The explosion occurred about 7 a.m. local time (02:00 Moscow). As a result, the area of the lakes increased more than 100 sq. m to 370 sq. km.

Liangzi is the second largest lake in Hubei province. This region was severely affected by heavy rains that lasted from mid-June. The water in the lake has risen by 0.12 meter above the warning level. The water level in the lake remained below Nushan, so it was appropriate to blow up a dam between two ponds.

Boom! A 1-kilometer-long dike was blown up on Fri morning to help disperse the surging floodwater in Wuhan, Hubei.

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) 14 Jul 2016

Before the explosion, authorities evacuated from nearby villages, a total of 1658 people, said Xinhua. Evacuated residents of Hubei province will be relocated to other areas.

Until 1970-ies of lake Liangzi and Nushan communicated with each other. Almost four-kilometer-long dam was built in 1979, dividing the waters. This measure was necessary to maintain the water farms. But over time the water quality in the lakes has decreased due to industrial activity.

The reduction in the area of water bodies has led to waterlogging and flooding. According to environmentalists and government officials, the elimination of dams have positive impact on the preservation of the affluent lakes. Experts believe that the gradual improvement of water quality will grow in ponds of lotuses and water chestnuts.

Recently China’s Central government allocated 560 million yuan (about 84 million dollars) on liquidation of consequences of floods in the provinces of Anhui, Hubei, Hunan and Guizhou, according to Xinhua. According to the Ministry of civil administration, the funds will be mainly focused on the organization of emergency evacuation of the population, granting victims temporary housing, restoration of damaged houses and subsidies have lost relatives in the disaster.

According to official sources, since the beginning of the rainy season in March in parts of the basin the longest river in China the Yangtze, by heavy rains killed 161 people. Another 61 missing. As of 11 July from the flooded areas were evacuated 2.9 million people.

In China for salvation from the flood blew up the dam (VIDEO) 14.07.2016

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