China has decided to limit inbreeding (inbreeding) large pandas, when their total number reaches 500. This was stated by the Director of the Research center of reproduction of giant pandas in Chengdu HOU Rong and confirmed in other Chinese nature reserves, reports Gbtimes Beijing.

In the last two decades center in Chengdu in Sichuan province in southwest China has worked to maximize the number of pandas, but this task is becoming less relevant. “Now pandas for breeding to easy. In our center, almost all babies survive if they are born healthy,” said HOU Rong.

In the Chinese media calls her the “mother Panda” for successes in development of technologies of their cultivation. She joined the center in 1994, when there were only a few pandas, and one third of them were sick.

According to her, now in China, there are 471 species of bamboo bears. At the end of 2013 was 375, the total number of wild pandas at that time was 1854. “Reaching a goal of 500 individuals, we could keep this growth or reduce it,” said HOU Rong.

In other words, no attention will be paid not to the quantity, and the “genetic quality” and biodiversity. “Caught pandas will gain strength, improve fertility, then they will be released into the wild,” said she.

Chengdu is the natural reserve of giant pandas, since the creation of the database were born in 176 young. The world’s largest population of these animals born in captivity.

The same policy is conducted in Wolong national nature reserve in Sichuan province, says China Daily. “We’re a few years has shifted the focus from quantity to quality pandas. I think across the country the centers save the pandas will be in line with this trend,” – said the reserve officer, who asked not to call him by his name in the media.

The first step to achieve this goal – the rejection of inbreeding, which reduces the quality of livestock. The next step is to stimulate the breeding of pandas with good genetics and the restriction of the multiplication is too prolific pandas. “It’s a stage that we could hardly imagine a few years ago,” boasted HOU Rong.

The Chinese government approved a large project – the construction of a large national Park spread on the territories of the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu.

Meanwhile, from Washington in February 2017 was sent to China born in the USA three-year-old female Panda named Bao Bao – the daughter of two giant pandas, which were brought to the United States from China in 2000. According to the agreements of the two countries, all their offspring are the property of Beijing and eventually returned to their historical homeland.

In China pass to a new stage of salvation pandas – control of inbreeding 14.03.2017

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