On Friday the Supreme people’s court of China has acquitted the young man at the end of the last century was accused of sexual offence and murder of the woman. His death sentence was carried out.

Justice is served in relation to a resident of Shandong province in Eastern China is Not Shubina. At the time of execution in 1995 he was 21, writes Global Times.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case 21-year-old, Shubing was suspected of the rape and murder of a woman in December 1994 was found dead in a corn field in the vicinity of Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province. However, the most important of the circumstances of the death of the victim, investigators failed to install. In particular, do not establish the causes and exact time of her death.

However, the crime was considered solved, Not Shubina hastily executed.

Only in 2005, police arrested 47-year-old Wang Sucina, who suddenly confessed to the act assigned Shubino. Originally Sucina also suspected in three other rape and murder.

In March 2007, Sozzini was sentenced to death for the same crime, for some twelve years earlier was executed by Subina. The innocence of the young man was obvious, but on the final revision of the criminal case of the Chinese Themis took another almost 10 years.

After the acquittal father executed Shubina said that justice finally prevailed. He also thanked everyone who helped his family all these years to fight for the restoration of the good name of his son.

In China, the acquitted man, who was executed 21 years ago for rape and murder 02.12.2016

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