At least two students and one adult were killed and five injured in the accident, which occurred on the morning of 16 November in the city of Chifeng (Inner Mongolia, China).

According to the news site Sohu, black Volvo SUV crashed into a crowd of people at the intersection near the school. The blow was so strong that the front wheels came off. Authorities refuse to comment on the incident until the end of proceedings, however, witnesses reported that the driver fled the scene, then killed himself by jumping from the roof of the building. According to EpochTimes, he jumped from the height of the fourth floor.

The publication publishes numerous photos of the ill-fated intersection that appeared in the Chinese social networks. Five injured students were hospitalized with fractures and bleeding.

According to DW News, citing local media reports, traffic in the area where the accident occurred, was blocked. It has not prevented to gather a huge crowd of onlookers.

In the first half of November in China, there have been several mass accidents. Six people were killed on 7 November in Shandong province when the truck, which was traveling migrant workers, fell into the ditch. On the same day in the Shanghai Pudong district of Shanghai because of the smog has faced a lot of cars. Nine people were killed and over 40 were hospitalized. Despite this, the Agency Xinhua claims that China reduced the number of major accidents and victims, despite the fact that the fleet continues to grow. The relevant data illustrating the success of the reform of the system of road-transport complex, was announced last week at the industry meeting in Shanghai.

In China, the driver of the SUV committed suicide after crashed into a crowd of schoolchildren 16.11.2016

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