High school student from China became a viral hero after he offered his teacher a hand and heart and was rejected.

Writes Shanghaiist, the young man is seriously prepared for a romantic event. He dropped to one knee before the object of his passion. His two companions at this time was holding a banner with the inscription “Teacher Li, I love you, marry me!” One of the beloved young friends played the ukulele, the classic ballads of Teresa Teng “The Moon Represents My Heart”, the other students crowded around and cheered their comrade.

However, the teacher forced the boy to stand up and cooled it the dust with the words: “Stop wasting your time! I have a boyfriend”.

After the romantic mood was broken, the teacher knocked a diamond ring from the hands of the student, snatched from the hands of his friend ukulele and stomped on the bouquet.

As the newspaper notes, the majority of users of social network Weibo, where was spread a video of a failed engagement, supported the young man. It was called “brave” that deserve to the teacher now asked less homework.

At the same time, there were skeptics who saw a tattoo on the ankle of the teacher and suggested that the video is staged. “What school teacher would wear such a short skirt?” wonder alone. Other sympathizers, meanwhile trying to remember what Japanese actress reminded them cruel Lee.

Last week in China was another pedagogical scandal that attracted the attention of the public. Russian English teacher in a training center in Shanghai have sealed the mouths of his disciples 22 the tape, arguing that they are too loud. The parents of one of pupils went to the police with a complaint against 25-year-old Russian woman. International school of K&H issued a public apology for the incident.

In China the student has made an offer to his teacher and was brutally rejected 01.12.2016

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