On Saturday night Moscow time on one of chemical plants in Hunan province in Central China was a powerful explosion. It is reported by the local correspondent of the Agency “Xinhua” from the city of Lengshuitan.

As noted, the incident occurred at a private chemical enterprise, for its suppression had attracted a large number of emergency personnel and machinery. On suppression of fire firemen took more than two hours.

So far the flame has been eliminated, however, data about victims and victims while is not present. Not reported and the cause of the fire.

Video of the fire in his Twitter has published a Chinese edition of People’s Daily. The footage shows how a column of smoke rises to tens of meters, and the flames rising above the rooftops, in the foreground. At some point a massive explosion, the sound which can be heard by the operator about a second after the flash.

Chemical plant exploded and was on fire in #Lengshuijiang city, S #China’s #Yunnan on Jan. 9. Rescue ongoing. pic.twitter.com/VtdGj0G89G

— People’s Daily,China (@PDChina) 9 January 2016

Note that the explosions at chemical plants in recent months to happen in China regularly. The scale of this tragedy was a series of explosions at the port warehouse in Tianjin, which occurred on August 12. As a result of emergency has killed more than 160 people and injured about 800. The power of the big Bang was estimated at 21 tons of TNT. The warehouse where the incident occurred, belongs to the Ruihai Logistics company, which specializes in the transport of chemicals, in particular compressed gas, flammable liquids and toxic substances.

In China there was a powerful explosion at a chemical plant 10.01.2016

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