In Chita, the police arrested a vending machine for cosmetic lotion “Hawthorn”. The reason for the arrest was the lack near the device information stand for customers.

The machine appeared in the district of Chita Ingoda a few days ago, reports a press-service UMVD of Russia on Transbaikalian edge. Police found the owner of the device to test the legality of his activities. It turned out that the entrepreneur has all the necessary permits for the operation of the machine with a cosmetic lotion.

At the same time near the machine was not installed an information stand for customers, indicating the composition of products, certificates of conformity and other required information noted in the regional Department of the MIA. For this administrative violation, the owner will be punished.

Before the court decision, police sealed the machine and imposed a ban on his work. In addition, the police confiscated all the contents of the apparatus 22 of the bottle of disinfectant lotion “Vita Sept”. In the machine also sold lotion “Hawthorn”.

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In a press-service of the interior Ministry noted that cosmetic lotions don’t belong to the alcoholic beverages. For this reason the sale does not apply to any restrictions in respect of alcoholic beverages, including time and age limit.

The composition of the cosmetic lotion “Hawthorn” is ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 75%. This product is often used as a cheap alternative to alcohol. In the same vein, suffering from alcoholism use alcohol tincture of hawthorn, which, if simply dosing it is used to treat heart disease and in high doses leads to poisoning with the risk of death.

Lotion “Vita Sept” is used in particular for hygienic and surgical treatment of hands of medical personnel. It also includes 75% ethyl alcohol.

Recently in Kaluga appeared a vending machine with hawthorn tincture called “Boyarka”. In this medicament with a content of 75% of the alcohol sold around the clock for 20 rubles a bottle. A few days later the owner of the dismantled machine at the request of local authorities. In city government then noted that the placement of such devices in accordance with the existing laws, “but ethically,” and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to change the law.

In early 2016, in Saratov, on the wall hung a tire recapping machine, single-piece selling cosmetic lotions, which are keenly interested in local youths. As a result, local community has made its dismantling.

In may last year, experts noted that the crisis has forced the population to move from conventional to more alcohol cheap alcohol substitutes. It was reported that the preference settings of “Hawthorn” or “Motherwort” – popular because of low cost of alcoholic surrogates, called “funfiriks” and antimasonry fluids, means for washing of glasses and basaltina alcohol.

In Chita, the police arrested a vending machine “Hawthorn” 12.10.2016

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