The Prosecutor’s office of Zabaykalsky Krai made a criminal case against the man suspected in the torture of stepson in a variety of ways. The bullying lasted a few months with the consent of the mother of the victim. Protect the boy found completely innocent people – store employees.

The reason for the Prosecutor’s investigation was a telephone message received in the duty of the police employees of the store “Products”. They asked five-year-old boy, whose body had visible marks of beatings, reports the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

“The audit found that juvenile for six months he lived with his mother and her boyfriend. In the daytime, when the mother left for work, the child remained in the care of his stepfather,” – said in a press release.

The man “repeatedly for six months inflicted stepson beating”. When the mother returned from work she explained that the child he allegedly hit the bed or got injured while playing in the yard with other children.

“Relatives of the mother of the boy has admitted that his stepfather hits him with fists on the face, head, and that he is afraid to remain with him at home, so runs away”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

Family members tried to convince the mother to give up her roommate, but she kept coming back to it. A civilian spouse continued to “educate” the boy of preschool age with his fists. The attacker beat the victim on the head, and flogged him with the cord from my phone charger and a belt around the body. In addition, the sadist forced the boy to kneel on rice.

“Despite the fact that adult family members and the mother knew about the abuse of a child, however, did not take measures to protect the child from suffering, and young was forced yourself to turn to outsiders for help”, – emphasized in Prosecutor’s office.

Currently the child is in a social rehabilitation center for minors “Nadezhda”.

Materials Prosecutor’s check was transferred to Chernovskaya MSO SU IC of Russia on Transbaikalian edge, and then against the stepfather of the boy criminal case under part 2 of article 117 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Infliction of physical or mental suffering through systematic beatings or other violent acts committed against a minor or a person known to the perpetrator in a helpless state or in material or other dependence of the perpetrator”). The man faces a sentence of seven years imprisonment.

In relation to the child’s mother also addressed the question on excitation of criminal case under article 156 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“default of duties on education of minors”).

In Chita the sellers store saved the boy’s stepfather six months subjected to refined tortures 29.09.2017

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