Police Chukotka Autonomous district revealed a curious stealing products from the store, which made a “conscientious” man. An attacker directly into the scene left a note, explaining the motives of his action. A craving for stranger edible goods, the suspect explained hunger and poverty.

Criminal punishment threatened 24-the summer anywhere not working man. After the arrest he confessed to the theft, according to the official website of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Chukotka.

It is established that June 1, the man broke padlocks of the store in Anadyr, and then broke into the container and brought out some food, while leaving the inscription apology spilled salt.”

“I’m sorry famine, nishita,” wrote a thief in a warehouse (spelling preserved).

The police said that during survey of a scene it is investigative-task force found the stolen in an abandoned building which was about 100 metres from the burglarized warehouse. Ibid operatives ambushed.

On Thursday around 4:00 “polite” robber came back for the stolen goods and was caught.

“The suspect fully admitted guilt. Currently being tested, assigned to the examination, the amount of damage”, – concluded the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The Italian court “forgave” the hungry Ukrainians stealing it

In Europe the feeling of hunger experienced by the offender, can be a serious circumstance, mitigating his guilt. So, a month ago the Italian Supreme court ruled that the theft of a small number of products, done on an empty stomach, will not be considered a crime.

The decision of the court concerned the criminal proceedings brought against the offender with a Russian name. It is established that a native of Ukraine Roman Wits, being homeless, stole from supermarket cheese and hot dogs cost 4 Euro and 7 Euro cents.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, in 2011, one of the buyers of the supermarket in Genoa noticed how homeless Roman Wits put in his pocket two slices of cheese and a pack of sausages. Passing by the cash register, the attacker has only paid for the purchase of breadsticks, reported the BBC.

Visitor to the shop announced on their observations of the security, then the Wags, was detained.

And in 2015 the Novel for theft was sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of 100 euros. This sentence was appealed as being too severe. The defense claimed that the court did not consider the fact that the Wags actually committed the attempted theft, as there was no time to leave the store.

The Italian press, commenting on the decision of the Supreme court, wrote that the judges gave right to life above the sanctity of private property. Also cited statistics according to which daily are being registered 615 new poor.

Note that in other countries for theft products with a minor amount of damage assumed a much more serious punishment. So, in April it was reported about the African American from Louisiana in the United States, which was threatened with life imprisonment for stealing Snickers bars cost $ 31.

And in Russia to criminal responsibility brought the orphan of Astrakhan region Victor Globova that hunger was kidnapped in a General store two six-packs of lettuce. Damage was estimated in 542 of the ruble, but in fact it was not, so as to eat prey the young man did not have time and the salad is back on the shelf in the store. However, for theft Glebovo threatened 7-year term of imprisonment.

In Chukotka, the kidnapper products left in the store that says: “I’m Sorry famine, nesita” 03.06.2016

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