On Wrangel island in Chukotka, there was another incident with the bears: staff reserve “Wrangel Island” rescued polar bear cub, who is stuck in the mouth of a tin can, reported the official website of the reserve.

“On 28 October on Wrangel island in the Central area cordon “Ushakovskoe” was discovered family of polar bears – bear with a cub caught in a difficult situation. Curious bear played with a tin can, not entirely successfully bit her, resulting in the Bank was stuck in his mouth,” – said in the message.

The hapless bear was spotted during the tour, a senior state inspector in the sphere of environmental protection Ilya Petukhov. Little bear was immediately helped.

Environmentalists temporarily drugged the female and the cub, and then gently removed the bear jaws of the alien object. As a result of incident nobody has suffered. “Several hours later, the bear family in good health and prosperity went further on the ice trip,” reports the reserve.

The polar bear is the largest living terrestrial predators. The average body length (without tail) of males reaches three meters, maximum weight of well-fed males in exceptional cases can reach one ton. Chukotka is inhabited by the largest animals, reports RIA “Novosti”.

A year ago – in November 2015, on Wrangel island, an incident occurred with a white bear. An employee of a construction company “Ruslans”, working on the construction of facilities of the Ministry of defence, threw a firecracker to an animal instead of food. The video of the incident was posted online and evoked a massive public outcry.

Media sources in law enforcement agencies claimed that the perpetrator of the incident could face up to three years imprisonment. But in the end he was only fined three thousand rubles.

In the nature reserve “Wrangel Island” has denied the information about the firecracker: they reported that it was a firecracker, and dipper could survive lost in the wild. In March 2016, the media reported about the termination of criminal case about blasting of a white bear. However, the regional Directorate of the interior Ministry and the Prosecutor’s office denied this information.

In July 2016, the press again reportedthat the case is closed, no suspects, and law enforcement agencies are waiting for when news of the incident “will be forgotten”. Chukotka, the police again issued a denial. Since then, however, about the investigation nothing was reported.

In Chukotka, the staff of the infamous reserve rescued polar bear cub from tin cans 31.10.2016

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