Police Chuvashia have detained a man suspected in the brutal murder of the drinking companion. According to preliminary data, the victim did not like the suspect was playing the harmonica. Then resentful the accordion killed the man and cut his body. Guns of massacre crowbar, a sledgehammer and an ax.

The investigators intend to send a suspect to psychological and psychiatric examination, to check his sanity, according to the official site of Republican management of SK Russian Federation.

The investigation began after the day 28 October 2016, in a dumpster near the house N6 along the street Roses Luxembourg in the village Algeshevo (in the city Cheboksary) were found parts of a dismembered body of a man. Then fragments of the same dead body was found in one of the apartments of the specified house and urban waste sorting complex.

“In order to solve this heinous crime caused a wide public resonance, on the scene left the leadership of the SU TFR of the Chuvash Republic, the Republican interior Ministry, as well as experienced criminologists of these agencies,” – said in a press release.

At no time were the identities of both the victim and the suspect, noted in the investigative Department. They were residents of the city of Cheboksary at the age of 63 and 66 years respectively.

“The whereabouts of the attacker was found on the same day,” – added the investigators. The man was in the village Urakawa Cheboksary district, where he was visiting his friend.

“Within a few hours the suspect was actively resisting arrest, defending pitchfork. Nevertheless, his actions were stopped and he was taken to the investigator for questioning,” – said in a press release.

During the inspection of the household in which the suspect was hiding, was discovered a bloody shirt of the attacker, as well as documents and telephone number of the victim, which he hid in the hayloft.

On questioning, the man confessed. It is estimated that around 16:00 on 24 October 2016, the suspect, being in a rented apartment in the house N6 along the street Roses Luxembourg to Cheboksary, during quarrel has beaten the drinking companion. The motive for the killings was that the victim was to blame the suspect to poor play on the harmonica.

In the end, hurt the musician grabbed a crowbar and began to beat the drinking companion on the legs and head. Then the attacker struck the victim with a sledgehammer on the head. From injuries pensioner died at the scene.

Drinking Valerian, the killer went to sleep. For three days the corpse lay in the apartment, and on the night of October 27, accordion dismembered the victim’s body with an ax, then put in the suitcases from under the bellows, and bag. Human remains, the attacker threw in the trash on the street. However, some parts of the body remained in the home. According to the suspect, he “tired to make them”.

The court chose the suspect measure in the form of detention. He was charged under part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”).

Gun crime was discovered and seized. Currently, a number of forensic examinations, including: medical, dactyloscopic, trasological, genetic, medical and forensic.

In Chuvashia accordion player is killed with a hammer and dismembered ungrateful listener 31.10.2016

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