Residents of the German Cologne resent the possible introduction of the city’s ban on the use of the street artists of soap bubbles. Hundreds of local residents gathered in the city center to protest and began to blow bubbles in spite of the officials. Later in a public debate rushed to join the mayor of the city, to appease the Germans, denying the information about the ban, reports The Local.

In recent weeks, street artists of Cologne had used in their speeches bubbles, which have drawn criticism from officials and entrepreneurs. The first claim that the mass use of bubbles, comprising a detergent, may threaten the health of the people getting into the waste water.

The owners of shops and restaurants, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the bubbles are deposited on the glass and the Windows that gives them a lot of inconvenience. In addition, employers complain on the slippery streets and the thresholds of their shops. In their opinion, it is precisely because of the mass use of bubbles.

In the media appeared information that the city government will fine street performers at 510 euros for the use of the bubbles that led to the outrage of local residents. Social networks quickly spread calls to organize a protest to demonstrate to the government the use of harmless bubbles.

The mayor of Cologne Henrietta Riker hurried to reassure locals, saying that the ban would be at least ridiculous. “This is absolute nonsense. This is a beautiful and fantastic decoration of our city will not be prohibited. Where we come, if you go by this absurd ban?” – quotes its words Express.

In Cologne, hundreds of people came out to protest against the ban on bubbles 17.10.2016

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