Residents of the resort town of Sudak in the South-Eastern part of the Crimean
the Peninsula was discovered on Monday, November 28, that the whole coast from Cape Alchak to the Genoese fortress is contaminated with oil,
it is reported on the website
of the city administration.

“The greatest contamination was the Central city beach from the cafe “Brigantina” to the rescue station,” – said in the message. Discovered on the beaches “spot the viscous substance is clearly of petroleum origin” is most similar to fuel oil.

“Heavy fraction oil refers to fuel oil, the most
harmful to the environment. On the embankment found dead in
black oil bird”, – noted in city administration.

The Director of the enterprise “Sudamericans” Sergey Troitsky believes that
oil got on the coast with a cargo ship, which went to Sudak Bay
at the time of the storm. The ship, which, in the opinion of the Trinity, is guilty of
pollution of the coastal strip, shot on video. Director
“Sudamericans” shows a viscous black liquid.

The city administration informed about the environmental pollution
inspection and environmental Prosecutor’s office of Crimea. Clearing the coastline
will begin shortly after sampling, environmental service.

“The administration asks residents and guests of the Perch to abstain from
visit the beaches”, – stated in the message.

As reported by RIA “Novosti”
Deputy Minister of ecology and natural resources of the RK Olga
Slavgorod, at the moment at the scene already working
the specialists of the Ministry of emergency situations, the Rosprirodnadzor and the city and County of Pike.

In the MOE, the Agency stated that the oil release is not critical.
“Indeed, there are insignificant emissions of the faction until we
to say that it is oil. This is a matter for municipal
authorities there not everything is so critical,” said assistant
the chief of the Crimean Central Board of the emergency Ministry Vladimir Ivanov. According to him,
the intervention of the Central Board of the Crimean Department of the Ministry of emergency situations is not required.

Cape Alchak with 1988, declared natural reserves. Genoa
the fortress on castle hill (Dzhenevez-Kai) was used as the kind to shoot in many
the Soviet and Russian films, including “Othello” (1955), “pirates of the
XX century” (1979), “captain blood” (1991), “the Master and Margarita”
Vladimir Bortko (2005).

In Crimea, all the coast of Sudak were contaminated with fuel oil 29.11.2016

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