In Kerch-year-old boy fell into an open well the air-RAID shelters. The incident happened on October 24 in the yard 123A on the street Ordzhonikidze. Fortunately, the child was not seriously injured, though not seriously frightened. However, locals told us that this case is not unique, like trap doors in the city a lot, but the utility is not in a hurry to cover them, reports “Kerch.FM”.

“I went to the balcony and heard screaming “Help”, – told reporters a local resident who took part in the rescue of a first grader. – Ran out into the yard, and there’s housemate said that his grandson fell into an open well of water and cannot get out.”

“We got a tow rope from my car and threw the boy. The child grabbed the rope, but fell into the water. There is a seven-meter well, and three meters it is filled with water. Tried again, and again, the kid snapped. I was ready to jump into the well to him to tie off the cable. The third attempt got the kid,” – said unwitting rescuer.

The boy’s grandfather said his grandson slipped and fell into the open hatch. “Places in our yard where children can play, little. There is a sandpit, in the opinion of the housing Department is the automotive tire pritrushenny sand and the Playground is painted iron old swing. And that’s all. We all got scared. But the grandson got off lightly and today we went to school.”

The hatch leading to the shelter, opened the first year, once the cast iron covers were stolen. A few years ago, this open door has fallen child. Then Luke put the concrete slab, but it is also someone stole.

Meanwhile, according to residents, few such open manholes are in the area of plant Voykov and in one of them, located at the end of the street of Stepan Razin, also recently fallen child. The hatch is located right in the middle of the road and polusavan debris. Fortunately, the boy escaped with only a fright. According to the fact, they repeatedly wrote “water” with a request to close the hatches, but they were told that the lids are not.

In Crimea, the first grader fell in the hatch of the bomb shelter, which stole the cover (VIDEO) 26.10.2016

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