The state Council of the Republic of Cuba agreed to pardoned 787 convicts, responding to the call of Pope Francis to heads of States is now passing on his initiative, the jubilee Year of mercy, reports the Cuban newspaper Granma – organ of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Republic.

When the Amnesty takes into consideration the characteristics and behavior of prisoners while serving their sentence. For humanitarian reasons, pardoned women, young offenders, the sick and other such categories of prisoners. The Amnesty did not apply to those convicted of serious crimes such as murder, child molestation, rape and drug trafficking.

Year relief will last until 20 November 2016 and, according to experts, will be one of the most important actions of the pontificate of Pope Francis. On 6 November, the Pope celebrated mass in the Vatican before the prisoners and said: “I submit to the competent public authorities of each country the opportunity to take this jubilee Year of mercy, the grant of pardon to those prisoners who have the right to use such a measure” (quoted by “Vatican Radio”).

The previous mass Amnesty was held in the Republic in September 2015 before the visit of Pope Francis to Cuba: when the island was liberated 3522 prisoners.

The Council of state led by Raul Castro, also reviewed the penal policy in the Supreme court, General Prosecutor’s office and interior Ministry bodies responsible for the early release of prisoners.

Ending the Year of charity in early November, tried to use the Sudanese bishops to make peace between North and South Sudan. They called for mercy in the name of the population, which continues to die in interstate and internal armed conflicts.

In Cuba in honor of the Pope declared a Year of mercy pardoned 787 convicts 15.11.2016

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