In Saint Petersburg, acknowledged cultural capital of Russia, discussed the possibility of installing a monument to the mugger. The authors believe that the art object dedicated to a bygone phenomenon, must be in one of the residential areas of the city. Deputy Vitaly Milonov strongly against the project.

On the website of the project it is reported that, paradoxically, the word “Gopnik” – citizen dangerous behavior – appeared in St. Petersburg. According to another version the word originated from abbreviation of State society prizora on Ligovsky Avenue.

“As a rule, monuments are set to what is already there. The positioning of St. Petersburg as the cultural capital of Russia has to withstand the concept and to erect a monument to “hooligan”. The sculpture, at the moment, is still looking for its home. Most likely it will be the sleeping area of our city,” explain the authors ideas. The winged expression “Got any change?” and “Let me call?” will also be included in the concept of an art object.

The monument will be designed in such a way that in the hands of a mugger you can put the phone, also he would be able to “throw stuff”.

Currently, for installation of a monument on the site of the project voted 650 people, against almost 300.

The Deputy of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov outraged by the idea of the monument hooligan. “At the hands of muggers – the blood of the people who lived in the Ligovka district in St. Petersburg. I am the guy with Ligovka. Let’s next time, a monument to the addict put. Gopnik is not something you can be proud of. This is a private initiative of bydlogopy who want to erect a monument to their own kind. It is necessary for them just to make sure that they do not befoul Petersburg his stuff”, he said in comments Life.

In the relevant Committee of Smolny announced that not aware of the initiative. In turn, the author of the idea of Stepan Yefimov said that he intends to send a formal letter to the government of St. Petersburg, when they collected signatures in support of the idea. Funds for the installation of the monument is also expected to gather on the Internet.

In cultural capital of Russia, looking for a place for the monument hooligan 27.04.2016

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