In the city of Dalnegorsk Primorye bear got into the habit to drop in one of the neighborhoods. The locals on the tracks in the snow identified that a predator is hosting them in the yard. The beast has managed to bite the dogs, to squeeze out the window in the henhouse, crushing a few dozen chickens and destroy the roof of the shed. Concerned citizens appealed to the hunting management Department.

On frequent visits of a bear complained residents in the district 11-th kilometer of Moscow, reports The bear came into the neighborhood two days ago, down from a wooded hill to private homes.

Local resident Galina said that the bear was in her neighbor’s yards. “In the evening we prepared a large, ten liters, the pot of porridge for the dogs. Put on the porch to cool. The dog sat on the chain, before the food can’t reach. At 11 o’clock in the evening, the husband goes out – but the pan is empty! And the next day a neighbor calls, says: bear in the coop she squeezed out the window, all turned over, the bird was eaten,” – said the interlocutor of the edition.

According to Galina, the bear wounded two dogs who, apparently, were able to fend off the predator. “In the evening we husky tied to it night and ran – in the morning she had found a bite mark on his paw. The second dog, shepherd dog, which leash was wound from the claws on the head,” said a resident of the neighborhood.

In addition, according to the companion publication, a neighbor three cottages bear broke the roof of the shed and ate about 20 chickens. Family Galina found the claw marks on his shed, but to destroy the tough construction, the predator could not. The neighbor’s pigsty beast also was not able to do.

Galina explained that the predator figured out his tracks in the snow. “And the people saw him. Yesterday the neighbors were outside about 20:00, already dark, he walked down the path to the neighborhood. Today the snow melted, the tracks will be harder to find,” – said the interviewee Husband of Galina also saw a bear, “Said he small. Maybe the young”.

Meanwhile, residents of the neighborhood appealed to the hunting management Department. The hunters have already found three trails, which went the bear. The animal is going to catch. After the capture of a predator, likely to be sent to the rehabilitation centre in Alekseevka village, said the Deputy Director of Department of hunting management Department of Primorsky territory Alexei Stern.

Agency staff noted that, judging by the trail, the brown bear. Severe recommended local residents not to attempt to catch the beast. “It can be dangerous both to themselves and to other people if they frighten the bear. He looks small – but this is deceptive, in fact, he may weigh 150 pounds” – warned the representative of the hunting management Department.

In Dalnegorsk to private homes began to come bear, destroying chicken coops and attacking dogs 07.11.2016

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