Russian centre for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria has issued a Bulletin which says that in the province of Damascus fired two schools, hospital and sports ground. “Interfax” with reference to the Agency EFE sources among human rights activists reported that the Syrian capital Damascus in the area of Mazra, where is the Russian Embassy, and in the district of Mezze 86, fell at least seven shells.

“In the province of Damascus was subjected to shelling settlements Amelie, Bahariya, and Hawsh Nasri (twice), the positions of government troops in the settlements Jabbar (four times) and Hawsh al-Fara, the school medical service in the village Haraszti, farm and hospital Ibn al-Walid in the village of Duma, Playground and school in the village Jabbar”, – stated in the message Centre, which is quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

In addition, terrorists from jet system of volley fire of artisanal production, barreled artillery, mortars and small arms fire in the province of Aleppo, the settlements of the Pit, Ansar, Carp, Sabaki and al-Hader neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo – Bab-El-Hadid, the Ramus, hi-El-Ansari, Leramon station of cellular communication “Syriatel”.

Under the fire fighters were the positions of government troops in the area of the quarter “1070” (twice), military Academy El-Assad, cement plant, shopping centre “Castello”, transmission N1 road “Castello” and the settlement of Benjamin (twice), added the Russian centre for reconciliation.

In the province of Hama formation was fired settlements Mahard, Tarfawi and the positions of government troops near the locality of Scandria. Stresses that the Russian aerospace forces and the Syrian air force on opposition armed groups, announced the cessation of hostilities and reported in the Russian or American centers of reconciliation for information about his location, the strikes did not cause.

As for the attack on district in Damascus, where the Russian depodesta, the information about damage there. The Embassy was already attacked in October, shelling from mortars, as reported on 4 October, the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

Then the fire, according to the Russian defense Ministry, lasted twenty minutes and was conducted from the settlement Drawbar located in the South-Western part of the Eastern ghouta (suburb of Damascus). One mine exploded on the territory of the Embassy, slightly damaging the premises of the Embassy complex. The other two fell outside the territory of the outer fence of the Russian Embassy. One mine went into the apartment building, the other exploded on the territory of the local market.

Meanwhile, the Americans call for war crimes investigation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Syria. Last week this called the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. On Tuesday, a representative of the state Department of the USA John Kirby, responding at the briefing to the journalists ‘ question about the intentionality of the attacks on Aleppo, said that the strikes in the state Department believe intentional.

Among the war crimes include the attack on 19 September a joint convoy of the Syrian Arab red Crescent (SARC) and UN humanitarian agencies in the area of Urum al-Kubra, North-West of the city of Aleppo. The convoy consisted of 31 of the truck and drove by to 78 thousand people. According to the International Committee of the red cross, 18 trucks were destroyed, killing one officer, SARC, and at least 20 civilians. The convoy was marked with the logos of the UN and the SARC, in its passage to the Eastern districts of Aleppo were received from Damascus and the armed opposition.

In Moscow and Damascus claimed that the Russian and Syrian air force did not inflict blows on a humanitarian convoy. In the United States and Britain responsibility for the strike on the convoy lay on Russia. Today on the official website of the Ministry of defense in Facebook published a statement responding to the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson, who called Russia responsible for the attack on the convoy.

“Russophobic hysteria, regularly charge the hotel members of the British establishment, has long does not produce a serious impression. Therefore, the fervor that swept the current head of the British foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, accusing Russia of all mortal sins – a storm in a glass of muddy water London,” – said in comments to the official representative of the Russian defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov, who claims that no Russian aircraft in the area to find the convoy in Aleppo were not, and the evidence to the contrary, relied on by Johnson, if they ever reveal it, “will not cost a penny”.

In Damascus shelled the area where the Russian Embassy 12.10.2016

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