In Denmark the nationalists used the theme of attacks on refugee women in order to attract attention and to earn points ahead of the elections to the Parliament. Representatives of the far-right party Danskernes (Party of the Danes) held a rally in Haderslev, during which they distributed to residents of the cartridges with “anti-immigrant spray” for protection from harassment on the part of visitors, reported on the organization’s page on Facebook.

The spray is called “Asylspray” (from “asylee” – “asylum seeker”) and in fact is a normal hairspray, but with a new label. This is due to the fact that the use of percovich aerosols in Denmark is illegal, says CNN.

According to nationalists, all they were distributed to 137 cans. Party leader Daniel Carlsen explained that Haderslev is a great choice for the distribution of such spray, taking into account complaints from local residents of harassment by refugees and individuals seeking asylum.

“I don’t consider it a provocation. We just solved an important problem existing in our society, where many of the Danes do not feel safe – in part because there are many migrants, and partly because people can’t protect themselves,” he was quoted by The Local.

The action, however, caused the Danes controversy. On the Party page of the Danes in a lot of angry Facebook comments. “I’m ashamed to be a Dane”, – writes one user. “If this spray will be in my hand, the first, against whom I use it, it will be the bastard who gave me it,” threatened another.

“It’s disgusting. I’m offended to the core,” said Syd TV one of the local residents. Another could not resist and shed a tear. “Refugees have gone through so much, and now it turns out that the Danes are so unwilling to see them around that are ready to use them against the spray from cans. It is one thing to say that we don’t have enough opportunities to receive them, or that some of them do not fit into our culture. But to do this prank very wrong,” she said.

At the same time, some residents were pleased to receive the spray. “It’s beautiful and matches exactly with what I now think and feel. They (refugees) came here and now we need them to defend themselves”, – said another resident of Haderslev.

Party Danskernes Parti was founded in 2011, according to the TV channel “Rain”, came from the neo-Nazi “National socialist movement of Denmark”. She is under the influence of the “Party of the Swedes and the German NPD. Danskernes Parti participated in the local elections, but failed to obtain any seats. Currently, the party is trying to collect 20 thousand signatures, required for admission to the elections to the Parliament, which will take place in 2019. According to the nationalists, the campaign “anti-immigrant spray” may well increase their popularity. Only in the last two days the party has received 700 signatures.

Note that the demand for protection in connection with the invasion of refugees in Europe is noted not only in Denmark. Earlier, the German newspaper the Local reportedthat Germany pharmacies started selling pepper sprays due to the increased demand of buyers.

In Denmark began to distribute the spray. 28.09.2016

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