In Denmark managed to form a new government coalition. In the Liberal party (Venstre), which in the summer of 2015 alone formed a minority government after parliamentary elections, joined the Conservative people’s party Danish Liberal party Alliance, reports TASS.

After the 2015 elections, the government resigned, but a new Rasmussen party formed alone, occupying only 34 out of 179 seats in Parliament, says Reuters. This puts the government under attack amid conflicting requests for limiting migration, reducing taxes and social programs. Rasmussen had to be postponed an ambitious plan 10-lenih financial reforms.

It is expected that the government will be named on Monday. “We came to an agreement on this issue. Tomorrow (Monday) Venstre, Liberal Alliance and the Conservative people’s party will form the new three-party government, – quotes Rasmussen TASS. – Government platform is encouraging. We intend to reward diligence and hard work, creating a society where economic stratification would be minimal.”

The new government intends to allocate additional funds to education, creating jobs and combating unemployment, as well as reforms aimed at improving public services. It is also planned to increase spending on defense.

In Denmark formed an expanded coalition government 27.11.2016

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