In the city of Desnogorsk Smolensk region, emergency workers helped the little girl to get home, removing wood keys, which she took and threw on top of bullies, according to

The case occurred yesterday, November 8, and discussed in the community “Overheard Desnogorsk” in the social network “Vkontakte”.

“Today, the same situation was observed. Is crying little girl. It turned out, some bullies pulled from her briefcase and keys thrown on top of the tree! Neighbors learned the reason for the tears, called Ministry. The guys came, climbed up on this rickety wood and got the keys,” he said.

As noted the office of the city Department for civil defense and emergency situations was nearby, so rescuers quickly turned on the spot.

In the community of the city where live about 28 thousand inhabitants, condemn those who mistreat children hooligans and praised the rescuers, “have done our emcheesniki and people who don’t pass by the troubles of others, even of such minor.”

Significant cases in the MOE does not consider state of emergency related to animals. In early November, the social networks have been criticized Altai state MOE for the failure to rescue the cub, who nearly drowned in a lake and was rescued in the end, the forces of Barnaul fisherman Ivan Dracheva. Video of the process of saving the calf became an Internet hit in Russia. The press service of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said that can’t be diverted to rescue animals when help unexpectedly, you may need to people: “Imagine that during the assistance animal where anything can happen real disaster, the need to help the injured person, and the account will go to second.”

In Desnogorsk the rescuers returned the little girl the keys, neglected the tree bullies 09.11.2016

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