Factory regional court of the eagle held a preliminary hearing on the administrative claim of the former Deputy of the city Council Yury Malyutin, who was in favor of demolition established in early October, Russia’s first monument to Ivan the terrible.

As reported “Interfax” in the office of the court, the plaintiff insists on the demolition of the monument, pointing to the fact that it is set in a conservation area. In addition, it demands to punish officials who allowed to install the monument – in particular, the mayor of Orla Vasily Novikov and city Manager Andrey Usikov.

The lawsuit States that the monument is located on the territory of the monument of Federal value – Orlowski citadel (the Central part of the ancient city. – Approx. NEWSru.com), and hence, the decision to install, adopted by the city Council, is illegal. Representatives of the administration and management of culture insist that the place under a monument is outside the protected zone. As reported by “the Oryol news”, as a specialist legal proceedings brought by the local historian Victor Livtsov.

“My third claim, the court took into consideration. The judge was asked and approved by me to admit the defendant Director of the office for the protection of monuments of the government of Oryol region”, – told the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda in eagle” Malyutin. “All this suggests that the unpunished perpetrators will not be”, – he added.

At a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, the plaintiff Yuri Malyutin quoted the decision of the Oryol regional Council from 2002 about the boundaries of protected areas – the citadel of the fortress of Orel and the surrounding area, according to which the monument is located within it. The discussion will continue at the hearing on 10 November.

Meanwhile, the former main state inspector of management Rosohrankultury on TSFO Gennady Alekseev, commenting on the “Oryol news” the prospects of the trial, expressed the opinion that the monument is unlikely to be dismantled even in the case of a positive decision of the court.

The court considers two parallel cases demanding the demolition of the monument, and in both cases, the plaintiff is Yuri Malyutin. The first lawsuit was filed in the original district court in mid-September. The plaintiff asked to recognize the actions of local authorities on the construction of a monument to Ivan the terrible in the protected zone contrary to the legislation of the Russian Federation. Decision has yet been taken.

Initially, the monument was planned to install on 3 August in honor of the 450th anniversary of the city. However, against the construction of the monument made by local residents. Activists protested against installation of a monument for such a controversial historical figure, and that he appeared in the protected zone of another monument of architecture – the buildings of the former magistrate, where he currently resides Orel state theater for children and youth “Free space”.

In July, the Governor Vadim Potomsky met with protesters and explained that the city authorities not to canonize Ivan the terrible. As said the head of the city, it is about to erect a monument to the founder of the city of Orel was founded in 1566 on the orders of Ivan the terrible.

However, the power of an eagle has decided to postpone the installation of the monument and performed a limited survey of citizens, and then announced that the majority of the 400 respondents made for its installation. The idea of erecting a monument to Ivan the terrible supported the Patriarch.

But the location of the monument to Ivan the terrible all have changed – now a monument stands on the waterfront next to the Epiphany Cathedral, at the confluence of the rivers Oka and Orlik. The official opening of the monument took place on 14 October.

In eagle, the court held preliminary hearings on the case about demolition of a monument to Ivan the terrible 27.10.2016

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