The sentence of four-year-old Ahmed Mansour, Carney, issued last week, was cancelled as erroneous. The other 115 participants in the riots of 2014 will serve a life sentence.

Ahmed Mansour Carney was born in September 2012, during the riots he was about a year and a half. Lawyer Ramadan Farhat says that he gave the security services the birth certificate of the boy, but the documents were not accepted and the matter was still taken to court.

The sentence to participants of protests and demonstrations on 3 January 2014 passed by the judge of the military Tribunal in absentia. 116 all of the defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, resisting law enforcement and for property damage. He was probably talking about the riots between supporters of the Islamist movement “Muslim brotherhood” and the guardians of order in Egypt.

The little father of the defendant, Mansour told Egyptian TV channel Ahram that security forces came to arrest the kid in 2014. When he showed them a child, security officials realized that there was a mistake, and arrested the Mansur. He has been in prison about four months before he appeared before a judge and was released without charges.

Press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Egypt, Abu-Bakr Abdel-Karim told journalists that actually the police were looking for the uncle of the child, and the man’s name coincides with the name of the boy.

Expert The Jerusalem Post, commenting on the situation, suggested that the judge to rule a decision for political reasons, simply do not read the materials.

According to Forgein Policy, many Egyptian families have encountered confusion and illegal persecution after the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak. Marina Ottaway, a specialist on the Middle East at the Wilson Center in Washington, notes that under the government of al-Sisi the situation has only worsened.

“If the boy was not four years, but, for example, 16 or more, the problem would be extremely difficult to solve. They threw a wide net and prosecuted the “fish” comes first,” she says.

In Egypt has recognized the error of sentence 4-year-old boy for murder, vandalism and attack on police 23.02.2016

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