Due to the election victory of US President-Republican Donald trump is prohibited in the Russian Federation of Islamic religious-political organization “Muslim brotherhood” canceled anti-government demonstration in the Egyptian capital Cairo, scheduled for Friday, November 11, reports NEWSru Israel.

“Days of rage” in Egypt were called to protest against the authorities after the overthrow of the representative of the “Muslim brotherhood” Mohammed Mursi July 3 2013. “Friday of wrath” was to be held in Cairo and Alexandria, and the bulk of the protesters had become “Muslim brotherhood”.

The administration of incumbent President Barack Obama was in contact with “Brothers-Moslems” and coldly treated by Abd al-Fattah alsisi is the sixth President of Egypt, who came to power in a military coup and played a Central role in the overthrow of Morsi. It was expected that Hillary Clinton will continue this policy.

Press Secretary of the “Muslim brotherhood” and a member of the leadership of the Party of freedom and justice Mahmoud al-Munir called the victory trump a “catastrophe for the Arab and Muslim world.”

Trump, as you know, is bad for “Brothers-Muslims” recognized the new Egyptian government as a terrorist organization, and expressed support for al-Sisi. It is the head of the party of free Egyptians Nader El-sharkawi, according to the newspaper Daily News Egypt. According to him, “trump is able to attract more right wing voters by playing on fear of terrorism.”

Commenting on contradictory statements trump about Arabs and Muslims, al-sharkawy stressed that there is a difference between trump’s candidate, who acted on their own, and tramp-President, shackled by government institutions, the Constitution and the laws.

“Now the whole Congress will be under Republican control, which I think is more realistic when it comes to the Middle East and terrorism. Will a boycott of relations with Iran, maybe a softer approach to the Syrian crisis, but we have to wait and see how to develop a strategic Alliance with Saudi Arabia,” said El-sharkawi in comments to the newspaper.

Al-Sisi first foreign leaders congratulated trump on the victory

On the eve of al-Sisi became the first foreign leader who congratulated trump on his election victory and wished him luck “in defending the interests of the friendly American people, who expressed confidence in him and entrusted to run the country.” According to trump, it was the first phone call from a foreign leader, which he received.

The head of Egypt also expressed hope that relations between Cairo and Washington will develop in all directions. “Based on the special strategic relations that bind Egypt and the United States for decades, and based on the important role and common tasks that we are pursuing in this relationship, in regard to support stability in the Middle East and Africa, the protection of the interests of the peoples of the region, Egypt hopes that the future presidency of Donald trump will bring new opportunities in U.S.-Egyptian relations, the level of cooperation and coordination will increase in accordance with the interests of the two peoples and in strengthening peace, stability and development in the middle East especially given the current challenges” (quote, translated , RIA “Novosti”).

Military expert Nabil Tarvat told Daily News Egyptthat trump wants to destroy terrorism in the middle East, unlike Hillary Clinton, who would continue the policies of the Obama administration that destroyed several countries in the region. He also predicted growth in economic and military aid to Egypt from the United States and the development of the “bilateral military relationship” between the two countries, “the victims of Obama’s policies”.

The head of the Egyptian social Democrats Farid Zahran expressed a more skeptical look at the victory trump. “Trump is known for his anti-Islamic and anti-Arab stance, and even if he at some time refused the most outrageous of their statements, this is due to the election calculation,” – said the politician Daily News Egypt.

The Islamists said the use of trump in the long run: “He will destroy US”

“Victory trump became a strong blow to those who support the effectiveness of democratic systems” – quoted by The Independent tweet Hamza al-karibi, the representative is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation the terrorist organization “dzhebhat an-Nusra” – the Syrian branch of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia). “Today we don’t need to expose the machinations of the West, you just need to retweet something that says trump,” he added.

“Winning trump in the short term for us it can be a bad option – tweeted the native of Egypt, jihadist leader Tariq Abdel Halim. – But in the long term for Muslims this is good because it will destroy the United States.”

The mood of jihadis, at least of al-Qaida variety, is all smiles at #Trump–has exposed the American people for who they are, & will destroy US pic.twitter.com/sUUM2uPD7o

In Egypt, “Muslim brotherhood” canceled “Friday of anger” because of the victory trump 10.11.2016

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