In Yekaterinburg, on 29 September throughout the day does not stop the wave of evacuations throughout the city. By Friday evening the number of evacuees because of calls about mining of buildings exceeded one hundred.

According to E1, to monitor the situation online, in the evening from the building of the shopping and entertainment center “Fan fan” was evacuated of all visitors. Before it was reported about the evacuation of the Palace of youth, where on a Friday evening concert Yegor creed.

A wave of evacuations began in Yekaterinburg at 12 o’clock, among the evacuees at the false alarm of buildings – TTS “Univerbyt” Posadskaya, TC “Bum” on the street Weiner, shopping center “of krasnolese” and “Metropolis”, shopping center “Quarter”, “VIP city” and TC “Mytny Dvor” on the street on March 8. In addition, evacuation was made from the entertainment of water Park “Limpopo” on Uktus, cinemas “Film”, “dawn”, “salute”, “House of cinema”.

In addition, evacuated three dormitories of the Ural pedagogical University (USPU). “Three dormitories were evacuated. Residents of the hostel N3 40 minutes ago returned after verification. The other dorms are checked by the staff of the Ministry and other involved agencies. On the evacuation time of residents of hostels placed in the dining room USPU, provided water. Everyone evacuated was able to control not to freeze outside and wait out in the dining room of Ural state pedagogical University”, – explained the press service of the University.

According to the Agency Ura.Ruthe Ekaterinburg cinema “Kosmos” was evacuated during the concert singers Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum. Varum Agutin song after another from the stage asked the audience, “half an hour to get out of the hall to check it”.

“Came Varum on stage after the song yesterday. Said that because of the situation in the city, all spectators are asked to leave the room. Half an hour later the concert was promised to resume, there is no panic,” an eyewitness told the Agency.

As reports TASS with reference to Director of the concert tour Varum and Agutin Tatyana Larina, the singers had to work one hour and 20 minutes.

Calls of “mining” of public places being in the major cities of Russia from September 10. According to the statistics on mass evacuations from 10 to 21 September, the leaders were: Moscow – 168; Perm – 78; Omsk – 56; Saint-Petersburg – 32; Arkhangelsk – 23; Vladivostok – 22. The peak activity of the criminals fell on 12th and 13th September – 212 and 196 evacuations in 10 and 13 cities, respectively.

However, the phone calls of terrorists continue. In the MOE stressedthat evacuation is not associated with any exercises. In their secret services associated with the activities of the “Islamic state” the telephone terrorist from the Ukraine, the purpose of which is to dull the attention of the security forces. Spoke also about the hacker group, existing from Brussels.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

In Ekaterinburg from-for “telephone terrorist” for a day evacuated more than hundreds of buildings 30.09.2017

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