Verkh-Isetskiy district court of Ekaterinburg has collected 600 thousand rubles from the regional hospital for damage to the esophagus during the examination of the patient, according to the “Area law”.

April 20, 2015 Sergey Taraskin, who previously performed surgery on the heart, arrived in the Sverdlovsk regional clinical hospital N 1 on transesophageal echocardiography (an ultrasound technique aimed at the study of the morphological and functional changes of the heart and its valve apparatus). After the procedure, the patient felt pain in the neck. The man became ill, and were taken by ambulance to another hospital.

Examination revealed soft tissue damage to the esophagus and air from the right side of the throat, which needed urgently to be drained. Taraskina performed emergency surgery. Only on 12 may, after the transfer to spontaneous breathing and stabilization, the patient was transferred from ICU to a regular room. The man was in need of emergency care.

After a week Taraskina was discharged from hospital in satisfactory condition. He still observed the surgeon, daily walks to the dressing, meds.

The man filed a complaint against the doctors. The Prosecutor’s office found violations in the provision of medical care. The chief physician of the Sverdlovsk regional clinical hospital No. 1 had made a representation to eliminate violations, said the “Area law”.

According to the judgment, the court-appointed between the actions of physicians and damage to the esophagus there is a direct causal relationship.

With the Sverdlovsk regional clinical hospital collected 400 thousand roubles of indemnification of moral harm and 200 thousand fine for violation of the law on protection of consumer rights.

In Ekaterinburg the court has collected from hospital 600 thousand rubles for the damage of the esophagus of the patient during the examination 28.10.2016

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