In Estonia on Monday picked a new President for the first time in the history of the country the head of state was a woman – Kirsty Kaljulaid, reports Delfi.

The turnout of 98 deputies of the 101-member Parliament (the Riigikogu). For the candidate Kaljulaid voted 81 deputies in the required 68 votes. 17 ballots were left blank. “Thank you for your trust and given for me to vote,” – appealed to the deputies of the newly elected President (quoted by TASS).

Delfi notes that the election of a new President was held in Estonia c sixth attempt. The first round of elections was held in three rounds in late August, with the participation of five candidates to the Riigikogu and failed. Then the electoral College in two rounds also did not reveal the winner, who would win the most votes. After that, according to the regulations, the election of President began again in Parliament.

September 26 included in the Estonian Parliament parties held consultations, during which they agreed to act together to elect a President. Soon after, most of them spoke in support of the candidacy Kaljulaid, and she was the only candidate at a meeting held October 3 elections.

Kaljulaid against the candidacy before the vote, said the representatives of the Conservative people’s party and several MPs from the largest opposition Party, the centre. They explained their decision to vote against what Kaljulaid little known in Estonia, not her views and that elections have become a de facto “appointment” by the President. According to them, it is still unknown who lobbied for her nomination, reports “Interfax”.

Kaljulaid will be the fourth President in the modern history of Estonia and the country’s first President – a woman. She replaced Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who has been at the head of the state for two five-year job, according to the Constitution, can no longer hold this position. Powers Ilves expire on 9 October. The new President’s inauguration scheduled for October 10.

New Estonian President has promised not to divide the citizens and to improve their Russian

Shortly before the vote, the portal Postimees managed to take in Kaljulaid exclusive commentary on the dialogue with the Russian-speaking community. The question of how she would go about meeting Russian-speaking community, without five minutes the President answered: “We will chat! I’m in his bad Russian, and they are on their Estonian. I hope that the representatives of the Russian community speak Estonian better than I do Russian.” When asked when she plans to start this communication, Kaljulaid said: “At the first opportunity”.

After the vote, reporters asked the newly elected President to say a few words in Russian. Agreeing, Kaljulaid said: “this is hard For me at the moment. The last 12 years I lived in Luxembourg and I have no practice. I intend to improve my Russian”.

The newly elected President also said that he considers it very important to talk to everyone: “Dialogue must be held with all residents of Estonia. I don’t want them to share in the Estonian – and Russian-speaking” (quoted by Postimees).

To a question, she would go to Moscow on May 9, Kaljulaid said, “All these steps, we will coordinate with our allies.” She also said that “absolutely convinced” of the need to invite to the presidential receptions of representatives of the Russian community.

The President also told reporters that he would not live in the presidential Palace, and will remain in their old apartment. According to local media, she in Tallinn four apartments, said “the Russian newspaper”.

Kirsty Kaljulaid was born 30 December 1969 in Tartu in 1992, graduated from Tartu University with a degree in biology, in 2001 he defended his master’s degree in business administration. Held a number of senior positions in banking and business structures, was an adviser on economic issues to the Prime Minister March Laare. Since 2004 the representative of Estonia in the European accounts chamber. A member of the party. In 2001-2004 was a member of the party Isamaa (Fatherland). Engaged in public activity: since 2011 Chairman of the Board of the University of Tartu, 2016 heads the Council on monitoring development of the office of Parliament.

In the family Kaljulaid four children, two adults and two minors: one daughter and three sons. Husband George Rene Maksimovskaya on a speciality the engineer-signalman, worked in the state target the establishment of an information communications. At the present time in connection with the work Maksimovskaya spouse bringing up children and housework.

In Estonia the sixth attempt to elect President – the head of state was a woman 03.10.2016

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