In Ethiopia, after prolonged unrest, declared a state of emergency. This is with reference to the Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalen reports Reuters.

“The state of emergency was declared due to the fact that this situation constitutes a threat to the population of the country,” he said. The Prime Minister stressed that the protests led to the deaths of dozens of people and caused serious damage to foreign factories and flower farms, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Protests in the country is carried out by representatives of the two largest ethnic groups in the country, indicates the BBC Russian service. Nationalities Oromo and Amhara, constitute over 60% of the population of Ethiopia. They are unhappy that the ruling elite in the country is composed mainly of representatives of ethnic Tigrinya, which represent only about 6% of the population.

The most serious incident occurred in early October at a religious festival in the region of Oromia to the South of the capital of the country. They gathered thousands of people, and when the crowd started chanting “We want freedom”, “We want justice”, the police used tear gas and started shooting into the air. During the due to it of a stampede killed dozens of people.

According to the Chairman of the opposition party Oromo Federalist Congress (Oromo Federalist Congress) Mereni Godini, during the protests in the country killed more than 100 people.

In Ethiopia, against the background of the riots declared a state of emergency 09.10.2016

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