About 10 million people in the US watched political ads in Facebook that are associated with Russia. On this, as it is spoken in the message on the website of the company, said Vice President for policy and communications of the social network of Elliot Schrage.

Most ads contain controversial social and political messages across the ideological spectrum, which affect, among other things, the topic of the LGBT community, racial and immigration issues, as well as the right of possession of the weapon, the statement said.

According to Facebook, 44% of ads were viewed to the U.S. presidential elections held November 8, 2016. The remaining 56% of advertising messages, social network users, as shown by statistics, saw after the vote. It is noted that the placement of 99% of advertising materials, attributed to Russia, spent less than a thousand dollars. Some posts were paid “in the Russian currency”.

On Monday, the senior Democrat at the house Committee of the U.S. Congress Adam Schiff said that the social network gave legislators political promotional material, allegedly distributed an unnamed Russian structure with the aim of influencing American elections, reports Politico.

According to Schiff, the Congress is going to publish “representative sample” of these ads from Facebook, bought by the representatives of the Russian Federation. “The American people deserve to see how Russia’s intelligence services were manipulated and used online platforms to increase social and political tensions, which remain the tactics of the Russian authorities” – are the words of article Congressman.

On the eve it became known that Facebook will further employ in the next year more than a thousand employees to check the advertising disseminated on the social network.

September 28, the Agency AR with reference to sources reported that the US Senate Committee on intelligence has invited Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet in public hearings on alleged Russian interference in the presidential election. Hearings will be held in October.

In early September, Facebook said that the accounts associated with Russia, within two years of buying political advertising. According to the company, from June 2015 to may 2017 470 such accounts spent about 100 thousand dollars for three thousand advertising messages that could influence the outcome of elections in the United States.

The company also found spending $ 50 thousand to 2.2 thousand messages potentially related to Russia. In mid-September a Facebook user passed the information to sell ads to spectacular Robert Mueller, who heads the investigation of possible relations between Moscow and members of the campaign staff of President Donald trump. Later, the U.S. Senate sent a request to Facebook to obtain additional information.

Meanwhile, the founder of the social network mark Zuckerberg announced that the company actively cooperates with American officials and helps them in the investigation. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on accusations, said that the Kremlin has no relation to the placement of political advertising on the social network and does not know who is behind this. In turn, the President of Donald trump has called “the hoax” information about the acquisition of the Russian authorities on political advertising in Facebook.

In Facebook said that Russia attributed to ads in the United States saw 10 million people 03.10.2017

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