Members of the clergy conducted the rite of consecration of the dangerous intersections of the city of Feodosia in the Crimea, crossing the street Chkalova from Simferopol highway and streets Soviet and Gallery. The event was also attended by city officials and employees of local traffic police unit, reports the Agency “Kriminform”.

“At the intersection of Chkalov – Simferopol highway every day there is an accident, even minor ones, – have told in traffic police. – This year there’s been an accident in which injuries were received by a few people. Last year there were two accidents in which people suffered. The second consecrated the intersection regularly, accidents do happen, moreover, it is close to a school.”

The head of the city administration Stanislav Krysin said that the event was held at the initiative of the Church. “The goal is simple – to not die, – he explained to journalists. Such things we do regularly. Not only in Feodosia, but in Shchebetovka, Koktebel and other towns. I think other cities of the Crimea will join the action”.

Sanctification dangerous intersections in Feodosia it is planned to complete in November, the Day of memory of victims dorozhno-transport incidents reported in the city Department of traffic police.

“With God on the roads”

In mid-July in the city of Gelendzhik in Krasnodar region, local clergy consecrated the dangerous pedestrian crossing and the intersection of Sea and Lunacharsky in the framework of the campaign entitled “With God on roads”, organized jointly with the traffic police to draw attention of drivers to comply with traffic rules during the summer period, during which an increasing number of cars, and with it the number of accidents. Also during the event, the priest gave local motorists the icon with the image of a guardian angel.

4 July the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Kirill, congratulated the police with the 80th anniversary of the creation of the service, expressed hope that the interaction of the Church and the interior Ministry will reduce the number of accidents and approve a “helpful and courteous attitude of drivers to each other and to pedestrians.” He called on inspectors to hear the “voice of conscience”.

Cooperation between the ROC and the traffic police has already more than one year. In the fall of 2013, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church identified the issue of road safety as one of the most important to save the people of Russia, stating that “on the roads of our country loses every year more lives than the entire Afghan war.”

Three years before this the main state inspector of safety of traffic of the Russian Federation addressed to the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church with a request to remind the flock about the rules of the road. According to him, previously compiled a special prayer for motorists are able to help the person.

In recent years, traffic police in many regions of Russia have decided to call for the aid of the clergy. First experience in the field to attract the ROC for the prevention of the accident was the consecration in February 2013 Mezenskogo bridge across the Oka river in Nizhny Novgorod, which is considered the emergency in the city.

In September of the same year, the emergency highway Syktyvkar has established a two-meter icon. And in the Belgorod district of the Belgorod region, representatives of the local diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church sprinkled Holy water on the roads that are considered the most hazardous. The action was initiated by the traffic police.

The head of the traffic police of Nefteyugansk began its work in November 2014, with a sprinkling of roads and intersections. In Blagoveshchensk Orthodox priests handed to drivers leaflets with the traffic rules and prayers on their way. In Krasnoyarsk region the road traffic offenders instead of a fine steel to send the message.

Event organizers hope that spiritual support of the Church will help to reduce the number of accidents. These beliefs are shared by representatives of other religions. So, in Buryatia believe that a Buddhist Lama impact on reducing the number of accidents in the country, several times a year, making prayers on the most dangerous sections of highways.

In Feodosia sanctified dangerous traffic intersections 05.10.2016

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