International joint investigation team (JIT) investigating
the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing 777 in the Donbass, held in Finland
secret test launches to determine what weapon was
the downed plane, according to Dutch newspaper De
, citing a source close to the investigation.
The results of the tests showed that the plane was shot down from Russian
“Buck,” and not Ukrainian, according to Moscow.

The place and time of experiments is not specified, said Yle
and reminds that about secret experiments on site
Finland reported the news Agency STT.

Prosecutorial strategy, according to sources of the newspaper, gradually changing.
The prosecution of suspects will be possible when will
published the final report of the joint investigation team,
which includes representatives of the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Ukraine,
Malaysia and Eurojust (European Union Agency). As reported
the Dutch newspaper NRC,
the findings will be published on Wednesday, September 28, the question remains, will
there named specific perpetrators, who gave the command to click on

“We know very well who did it and who they were sent. But to punish
these people are difficult, because some countries not exist
extradition Treaty,” said Evert Vitema, the representative of the six
lawyers representing relatives of the victims.

As he wrote The
, the Malaysian Minister of transport LIOU tion Lai expressed
hope that the investigation team at the end of this or beginning of next
month will show responsible for the death of the plane. “We want
to criminals were charged with” – he said.

In October last year, the security Council of the Netherlands (SC) published
a report on the results of the investigation, which said
the Boeing 777 was shot down issued from the produced in Russia
anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk 9M38 missile with a warhead 9Н314М.
Rocket “earth – air” exploded less than one meter to the left of the
of the cockpit.

In January 2016 of the Federal air transport Agency
(Rosaviatsia) has sharply criticized
report and sent a letter to the Dutch authorities, which have
“new and important facts” about the collapse of the liner.

The Russian side insists,
in the area of the disaster in the Donbas were the air defenses of Ukraine, and
notes that the Ukraine does not publish data on the location of their
calculations anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”, and military negotiations
dispatchers on the day of the disaster Malaysian liner.

On the eve of the Ministry of defense made a statement, which is located in the Rostov region EN-route radar complex “Utes-T” were not recorded closer to the plane of any aerial objects from the Eastern regions of Donbass, controlled at that time by the separatists, including from the village of Snow.

Malaysian plane Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to
Kuala Lumpur, crashed in Donetsk region of Ukraine on 17 July 2014.
The victims of the crash were all 283 passengers and 15 crew members. Among
the victims were citizens of ten countries, most of them
subjects of the Netherlands.

In Finland conducted a firing of “Beech” in the investigation of the crash Boeing in the Donbass 27.09.2016

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