In the U.S. state of Florida, six people died in a nursing home as a result of hurricane “Irma”. The tragedy occurred in the city of Hollywood. According to preliminary data, the death was caused by the shutdown of the air conditioning system as a result of the disaster, reports CNN.

“We are conducting a criminal investigation. At the moment we do not exclude any versions,” – said the local Sheriff Thomas Sanchez, answering questions of journalists during a press conference.

It clarifies the channel, the management of the nursing home has confirmed that the hurricane knocked out the transformer vault, which provided the establishment of the electricity. The result was a broken air conditioning system.

Three people were found dead inside a nursing home, and another three died after transport to a nearby hospital. As explained by the staff of the nursing home, most residents of medical institutions diagnosed with breathing difficulties, dehydration and heart problems.

Just out of a nursing home were evacuated 115 people. In the state of Florida, through the action of the elements, at least 13 people were killed. In South Carolina, victims of hurricane “Irma” became four people, Georgia – two.

According to the experts, “Irma” is the most powerful storm recorded in the Atlantic ocean for all time of observations. Tuesday, September 12, the hurricane reached category five on the Saffir – Simpson scale. The maximum wind speed within it was 82 meters per second.

“Irma” is raging in the Caribbean from the middle of last week, greatly affecting Puerto Rico, and the Islands owned by great Britain, France and the Netherlands. According to recent reports, in the Caribbean as a result of the disaster killed at least 22 people. On some Islands a hurricane destroyed over 90% of the buildings.

In Florida killed a hotel nursing home because of the hurricane “Irma” blackout 13.09.2017

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