Under the Paris Orthodox priest, who was riding in the train network
Express the region Ile-de-France in a black cassock, called its external
a kind of panic. Concerned passengers took a bearded man in a
black robe for a terrorist and called the police. At the station
Villeneuve-Saint-Georges men from the train were evacuated, according to Le
. The incident occurred on Monday, September 26.

The movement on the line Villeneuve-Saint-Georges Gare de Lyon was
suspended from 17:30 local time. The police asked about it
National company of French Railways to check
train near Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. In social networks
the information appeared that the movement was suspended due to suspicious

Half an hour after it became clear that it was a false alarm,
traffic resumed. As written the next day La
, passengers confused black clothing Orthodox
the priest and his belt.

The network expresses the region Ile-de-France (RER) – a system of rapid public transport serving Paris and the suburbs. Villeneuve-Saint-Georges is a city in the Department of Val-de-Marne on the Eastern Bank of the Seine river, 16 km South-East of Paris.

Some users of Twitter
blame the train passengers in ignorance, write,
“nonsense progresses, other joke that the priests good ride in
public transport, because around them formed
free space.

In France suffered a series of terrorist attacks, security measures.
On 20 July the lower house of Parliament – the National Assembly for six months
a state of emergency, after July 14, a truck for
the wheel which was a 31-year-old Tunisian Mohamed Boolell, crashed into
the crowd on the promenade des Anglais in nice, which at the time were
thousands of people leave the square after a festive fireworks display in honor of the Day
the storming of the Bastille. Responsibility for the attack took
yourself banned in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic
state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH).

Nearly 300 people were arrested in the country since January of this year
involvement in terrorist networks, reported
On 10 September the Minister of internal Affairs of France Bernard Cazeneuve.

In France, an Orthodox priest in a cassock was mistaken for a terrorist and evacuated the train 29.09.2016

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