Law enforcement agencies of France detained the head of the Russian Union of fans Alexander Spriggina in Toulouse, where the national team of Russia on Monday played a match of the group stage of the European championship on football against the national team of Wales, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The Agency was able to talk with Sprijinim confirming their detention. According to him, the French police let him out of the stadium during a football match.

Later, Consul General of Russia in Marseille Sergey Molchanov also confirmed to reporters the detention of Spriggina. “As I said today, Spragin really arrested and taken to the police station at the airport. Soon it will be decided, and he would be expelled from the country,” – said the diplomat.

Molchanov added that in the Chapter EO was issued a prohibition to stay in France, which came into force on Monday, June 20.

Earlier Spragin was already arrested along with other supporters on June 14 and four days later deported from France, however he managed to come back. Before the match the head of the VOB on his page on Twitter posted a photo where he’s standing in front of the stadium in Toulouse.

“Before the stadium “Municipal” in Toulouse met has become almost native Russian consuls of Marseilles!” – wrote Spragin already in another post. “To be in the game, had to do a bit of an unusual way under cover of night, and become a tourist for a while,” he added.

To be in the game had to come a little out of the way under cover of night, and become a tourist for a while;)

— Alexander Spragin (@Shprygin) June 20, 2016

In front of the stadium “Municipal” in Toulouse met has become almost native Russian consuls of Marseilles! #EURO2016

— Alexander Spragin (@Shprygin) June 20, 2016

On Monday afternoon, on the way to Toulouse, the police arrested the bus Bob with fans heading to the match. “The bus with our fans stopped at the entrance to Toulouse. He was kept two hours, and people have twice checked passports. Also was tested the entire performance, all the flags. But in the end after the intervention of the Russian Consulate were all released, and now the bus is heading towards the stadium,” – told reporters the Executive Director of the Bob Ivan Kuznetsov.

Information about the detention of the bus with Russian fans on his page in Twitter was confirmed Spragin. “Bus EO, most of the passengers who are already in Russia, again stopped and checked by police – this time in Toulouse,” he wrote.

We will remind, on Tuesday, June 14, Marseille under the French law enforcement bodies had been detained the same bus with 43 Russian citizens, among whom was Spragin. They were all remanded in custody. On Thursday, the court of Marseille announced the verdict, according to which three men aged 28 to 33 years old – Nikolay Morozov, Alexei Aronov and Sergey Gorbachev – received prison terms. In addition, they will be denied entry into the territory of France for two years.

All the other Russian fans detained along with the bus and taken to Marseille, prosecution was avoided. However, 20 people, the French decided to send, assuming that among them are “cruel and well-trained hooligans”, among them was the head Bob Alexander Spragin. Another 20 people were released without consequences.

In France detained returned after the deportation of the head of the Russian Union of fans 21.06.2016

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