In France detained the leader of the Basque terrorist organization ETA for Mikel Irastorza, reports TASS with reference to AFP. Information later confirmed the Ministry of internal Affairs of Spain, where THIS organized their attacks, trying to achieve the independence of Catalonia.

The terrorist was captured in a house located in the French village of Ascain (Pyrenees Atlantiques). Police also detained the couple – the owners of the house. Irastorza placed into custody in the premises of the judicial police proud of Bayonne (South-West of the country).

The operation was conducted jointly by the French Department of internal security and the Spanish Civil guard (paramilitary police). According to the interior Ministry of Spain, “possible new arrests under this operation aimed at the capture of the leadership of THIS”.

THIS Basque – organisation of separatists, widely use in the activity terrorist methods. In the four decades since its creation in 1959, as a result of terrorist attacks killed 829 people of which 486 – the military and police. THIS favours the creation of a “Big Basque” by combining an independent state in the territories inhabited by Basques in Spain and France.

January 10, 2011 ETA announced a temporary cessation of the armed struggle. It did not affect the actions against the group of separatists, who are the law enforcement agencies of Spain and France. The authorities of the two countries require that the groups THAT handed in their large stockpiles of weapons, ammunition and explosives that the organization refuses.

In France detained the leader of the Basque terrorist organization ETA 05.11.2016

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