The Ministry of sports banned in the country fights according to the rules of mixed martial arts (MMA), informs television channel Sky Sports , citing a statement released on Wednesday a press release of the Ministry.

The Ministry strictly regulate the conduct of competitions in martial arts, outlawing the octagonal cage used by the UFC championship, and a number of specific techniques used in duels.

The battles from now on should be on the Mat or in the ring with the ropes, the corners of which should certainly be protected.

The following methods of battle are declared illegal and will be punished with immediate disqualification: the kicks and knee kicks on the lying opponent any strikes elbow to the head, blows to the groin, the spine, the neck and throat, poking fingers in eyes, mouth and nose.

Also, the men are forbidden to grab hair, bite, take deliberate shots to the head or neck, and to throw your opponent out of the ring.

The head of the MMA Union of France Bertrand Amosu said that the Ministry’s decision is a sign of disrespect, and announced its intention to legally challenge new laws in court.

“The Ministry is taking us for idiots. All European countries recognized the MMA, except for France and Norway”, – he said.

In France fights under MMA rules outlawed 27.10.2016

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