About 200 workers had once again attempted to enter the tunnel under the English channel on the night of Friday, July 31, reports TASS with reference to AFP. According to the Agency, the French police managed to block their path, some of the most active violators were detained.

According to experts, by the end of the week wave of migrants have somewhat abated. Last Monday, the security forces, faced at once with 2500 migrants who tried to break through the cordons. On Wednesday, the interior Minister of France ordered to provide two additional units of gendarmes.

“Security measures have increased significantly after the arrival of new forces,” stated the company-operator of the rail tunnel under the English channel Eurotunnel (“Eurotunnel”). Previously, the company demanded that France 9.7 million euros in compensation for losses and expenses on private guards of the tunnel from unwanted guests.

However, even representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France recognize that sending additional forces to the area Calais to monitor the channel tunnel will do little to improve the situation in the long term. “Every night we have to catch the tens of hundreds of migrants, say the police. – Extra strength is good, however, and the number of migrants has also increased”.

Yesterday in England, the leader of the opposition Party UK independence (UKIP) Nigel Faraj said it was possible to block the tunnel until the situation is resolved with the influx of illegal migrants.

Prime Minister David Cameron also attended to the problem of illegal immigrants and promised to the citizens of great Britain to defend the border. “It’s a tough test, since a huge number of people arriving in Europe via the Mediterranean sea in search of a better life, wanting to get into the UK, as there are jobs and a growing economy. However, we must protect our borders, working shoulder to shoulder with our French neighbours, as we are doing”, he said.

Today, Friday, July 31, it became known that in Calais will be sent additional section of fences and guard dogs that will strengthen protection of the facility, reports the BBC. After the meeting of the emergency Committee, Mr Cameron said that later again to discuss the situation with French President Francois Hollande, and thanked France for increased protection of the tunnel.

In the vicinity of Calais now broke camp about 10 thousand of migrants looking to illegally move to the British Isles. Tuesday morning Eurotunnel has made a statement addressed to those wishing to use the services of a railroad crossing across the Strait in pursuit of a one-day itinerary round-trip, regardless of whether the starting point of the trip Calais Folkestone or English. The company advised the French and British to postpone the trip until the crisis is settled migrants.

In France, the police have prevented another attempt of illegal migrants to enter the tunnel under the English channel 01.08.2015

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