French police are looking for robbers who committed the daring attack on the highway on two foreign women. The actions of criminals suffered a citizen of an Arab state. The damage he caused millions euros.

The robbery was committed at 21:30 on Monday on the A1 near Paris. Two 60-year-old woman who came to France from Qatar, were at that moment in the car Bentley along with his driver. Foreign women, who are sisters, were driving from the airport “Le Bourget”, according to

At some point, the two malefactors in masks, who also went on the car, forced
driver Arab women to stop at gas stations and
out of the car. Then the robbers sprayed tear gas and pulled out of
trunk personal belongings of women, particularly their jewelry. The total damage is estimated at five million euros, reports “Interfax”.

To catch the robbers in hot pursuit failed, reports The Local. The investigation leads a special police unit, which deals with robberies.

This is not the first for this year an attack on a car on the A1 motorway, which connects the capital airport of Roissy – Charles de Gaulle and Le Bourget. The attackers are a real hunt for the representatives of show business, aristocrats and rich foreign tourists who travel from the airports to Paris, or go back.

For example, in October 2016, armed criminals robbed a model, actress and socialite Kim Kardashian. However, in this case, the crime was committed in the Paris hotel.

In the same month, three robbers attacked the CEO of the discount store Philip Geneste who was riding in a taxi from the airport Le Bourget. Seizing the Luggage of passengers, the attackers fled. The damage was estimated at 100 thousand euros.

In April 2015 unknown persons stole from a woman collector from Taiwan jewelry Chanel cost about five million Euro, tracked down her on the way from the airport. The criminals broke the glass in the cab when it drove into a long tunnel.

In August 2014, were robbed the motorcade of a Saudi Prince. Then, in the hands of criminals got the value of 250 thousand euros.

We will add that Le Bourget is considered the main business airport in Europe.

In November 2016, the French authorities promised to allocate additional funds for security of visiting tourists to the country and the fight against looting. It is expected to install additional CCTV in areas where a possible attack criminals, reports the BBC.

In France, two elderly women robbed of Qatar for 5 million euros 23.11.2016

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