In the United States began the trial of a criminal case against a resident of the state of Georgia Justin Harris. He is accused of premeditated cold-blooded murder of a young child. The boy is literally “fried” in the cabin of the SUV, left under the scorching sun in the Parking lot near the office.

The trial takes place in Brunswick, reports CBS News. 5 October before the court was made by the witness, Atika Eastland. She was eating in a restaurant when the tragedy occurred, and watched the first reaction of Harris on the death of his son. She believes that cries of despair and tears a young father was not sincere.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, 22-month-old son Justin Cooper died June 18, 2014. On that hot day Harris parked his SUV Hyundai Tucson in the Parking lot near the town of Smyrna, locked the car and left for more than seven hours of work. And the toddler were sitting in the car. He was doomed to die in terrible agony from hyperthermia.

When Justin returned to the car, Cooper was already dead. The boy’s eyes were open, and his face was visible scratches. Probably the child himself inflicted injuries on himself in a desperate attempt to get out of child seat.

At that time the thermometer showed that the air outside the vehicle is warmed up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). And inside the car, according to conclusions of experts, the temperature rose to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 49 degrees Celsius).

Harris and his lawyer insist that the child’s death is an accident. However, prosecutors believe the opposite: the focus should be on deliberate infanticide.

And, according to witnesses, Justin after work, got behind the wheel of his car, drove to a shopping center and then “remembered” about his son, tied with belts to a chair in the back seat.

This moment was described in court electricians James Hawkins and Anthony Pantano, who set the festive lighting in the restaurant. They heard screeching brakes and saw the SUV jumped a man. He began to shout loudly, then got out of the cabin child no signs of life.

According to police forensic brad Shumpert who examined the scene, inside the car we felt a persistent characteristic odor of human secretions, and the boy’s diaper was full of urine. It is strange that while Harris had been driving and not once think about my son.

According to Anthony Pantano, Harris tried to carry out resuscitation to my son. But he did so rather for form. The man was several times pressed on the chest of the son doing massage of the heart, and once breathed the air in his lungs. In this case, attempts to rescue the child stopped and Justin ran off to the side, writes The Daily Mail.

An important piece of evidence against Harris was that he, as found by the investigators, before the death of his son searched the Internet for information about the death from the heat of children left in cars.

Investigators believe that Justin regarded the son as a burden, which prevents him from having love Affairs with different women. It turned out that Harris was active in the SMS-correspondence explicit content with multiple friends at the same time.

In just a few minutes before Justin had locked his son in a car and left for work, he sent one of his friend email in which I told that miserable in your marriage. Moreover, according to assistant Cobb County Prosecutor Chuck Boring, conversationalist Harris was an underage girl.

“That day when his son was preparing for death, he sent an SMS to 16-year-old girl, begging her to send him pictures of her vagina,” said Chuck boring.

Investigators believe that Justin was obsessed with extramarital sex and often used the services of prostitutes, says “vestige”.

Protection Justin believes that he simply forgot about his son when he hurried to work. However, this explanation seems odd, when you consider that Harris, a few minutes before this feed son Breakfast in the restaurant located near the office.

The defence also believes that the personal life of the defendant which would corrupt it may be, has nothing to do with the crime. A preliminary search of Harris information about child deaths in hot cars the lawyer explains the common parent concern: say, Justin was afraid that something similar will happen with his son and was looking for ways to prevent this.

You know that Justin Harris is a software engineer at the Home Depot Corporation. For the murder of his son, he faces a life sentence in prison. Harris is also charged with paedophilia-related corruption of girls through sexting (overt correspondence). On the day of his son’s death, he corresponded with six girls.

In Georgia a man on trial accused of murder in the car-“gas chamber” one-year-old son for life 06.10.2016

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